There is a lady whose name Cherie.
She become a fans of Trendolla.

As following is conversation that Trendolla communicate with her.

Hi,Cherie. Where are you come from?

I come from South Africa.

What does jewelry mean to you?

It gives me confidence.

What was it like seeing Trendolla jewelry products at the first sight?

Bright and beautiful.

What kind of experience does it give you to wear Trendolla's products?

It makes me feel confident and beautiful.

Will you wear jewelry when you travel?

No, I dont normally wear jewelry when I travel. I have a fear of losing the jewelry.

How often do you buy jewelry for yourslef?

On special occasions.

How much do you spend on average for an item of jewelry for yourself?


What color/material of jewelry do you like to wear?

I think the silver is nice.

What style/type of jewelry do you like to wear?

Such as, with diamonds, Gemstones or Synthetic. stones. The best is simple and understated.

What is your favorite Trendolla product?

I love the sterling silver bracelets, silver layering rings and the sterling silver necklaces.

Do friends around you often wear jewelry?  Are you willing to recommend them Trendolla brand?

Yes, my friends wear jewelry. I will definitely recommend the Trendolla brand. I saw a few things on the website that my friends would like.

At the end of conversation, Cherie expresses that is a nice cooperation.We both hope will have more opportunity to cooperate.
Trendolla expect more and more person to join in, if you are interested it, please contact us immediately.
September 18, 2021 — Joanne Seymour

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