Jasmine Breeze Jewelry Set collection - 2022 Fashion Trending Jewelry - Design by Golnaz Niazmand

Designer & Model: Golnaz Niazmand

An Art enthusiast and interested in Fashion specially Jewelry and precious stones since childhood !
I am experienced in making and selling handmade Gold, Silver and Jewelry for more than 5 years. I have also participated in some Watch and Jewelry exhibitions.
I am really into designing High Jewelry based on natural creatures and some minimal Jewelry simply used in everyday life for variety of styles. I really love conceptual art and I have designed for different types.

In my point of view Jewelry is one small piece of Artwork made with Love and passion which can be exclusively added to your style and turn it to a fascinating outlook ! Your jewelry expresses your feelings and your perspective of life, how you use every piece of jewelry depends on your beliefs, attitude and your everyday mood.


In general, my design originates from nature and natural creatures, obviously you can find beauty and purity in nature and I love to make it as something touchable which can be added to your style.
In my new collection I inspired from Jasmine flower, the name of the collection is Jasmine Breeze.
Jasmine Breeze
Imagine the cool breeze blowing among bunch of Jasmine... How lovely is the the smell and smooth caress of the breeze over your skin and hair?
This jewelry collection is designed to associate this feeling with Jewelry each time you use it. The set is inspired by Jasmine flower growing in spring with a lovely scent coming to you with flowing breeze!