No-Tarnish Medical Grade Titanium Round Snake Necklace
$39.90 USD $59.00
1MM gold:39cm1MM gold:45cm1MM gold:50cm1MM silver:39cm1MM silver:45cm1MM silver:50cm1MM silver:bracelet1MM Shard Chain: Gold1MM Shard Chain: Silver1MM Gold wire chain:41CM2MM Gold:40+5cm2MM Gold:46cm3MM Gold:50cm+ 10 more
No-Tarnish Medical Grade Titanium Snake Stack Necklace
$39.90 USD $59.00
3MM Silver 36+8cm3MM Silver 45+5cm3MM Gold 28+8cm3MM Gold 36+8cm3MM Gold 45+5cm3MM Gold 50+5cm4MM Silver 28+8cm4MM Silver 36+8cm4MM Silver 45+5cm4MM Gold 28+8cm4MM Gold 36+8cm4MM Gold 40+5cm4MM Gold 45+5cm4MM Gold 50+5cm5MM Gold 40+5cm5MM Gold 45+5cm5MM Gold 36+8cm5MM Gold 45+8cm5MM Silver 36+8cm6MM Gold 36+8cm+ 21 more
No-Tarnish Medical Twist Chain Necklace & Bracelet
$39.90 USD $69.00
Necklace 8MM:GoldNecklace 8MM:SilverBracelet 8MM:Gold
Titanium Steel Olive Millet Bead Chain Necklace
$39.90 USD $69.00
3MM-Gold 36+5CM3MM-Silver 36+5CM3MM-Silver 60CM3MM Gold 40+5CM2MM Gold 36+5CM+ 4 more
No-Tarnish Medical Titanium Shimmering Stacked Clavicle Chain Necklace
$29.90 USD $59.00
Shard Chain: GoldFragmentation Chain:Silver Color1MM Snake Chain: Gold Color1MM Snake Chain: Silver Color+ 1 more
18K Gold Plated No-Tarnish Medical-grade Titanium Chain Necklace & Bracelet
$32.90 USD
Necklace50cmBracelet 4.5*15mm Width 18cm LengthBracelet 4*12mm Width:16.5cm Length
Gold Necklaces
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