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Creativity: Designers need creativity to develop plans for new creations, use materials and gems in innovative combinations and improve prototypes to ensure the final product is appealing.

Attention to detail: Jewelry designers use customer feedback, fashion trends and sales results to decide which types of gems, metals and other materials to include in their designs. They may also need attention to detail in order to simplify designs to accelerate production, choose materials that pair well together and predict how customers plan to wear jewelry to ensure durability.

Problem-solving: Using their creativity to solve challenges in the design process helps designers create jewelry that caters to customer needs while maintaining a high standard of quality. This innovation may set new trends in the industry and improve on old designs.

Communication: Jewelry designers typically maintain active social groups within the jewelry-making industry. Effective communication can help jewelry designers collaborate successfully with other designers, efficiently manage jewelry production and gain valuable customer feedback.

Technological literacy: Knowing how to use specialized programs can make a designer's process more efficient, easier to edit and faster to produce. Jewelry designers may use technology such as 3D printers, graphic design software and word processors.

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