Jewelry Designer: Viktoriia Yuksha

"Celestial Cycle" Opal Rings Set

It symbolizes the ever-changing beauty of the moon as it goes through its different phases, reminding us of the cyclical nature of life and the beauty of constant transformation.  It also captures the enchantment and magic of the lunar journey.

"Lunar Harmony" Opal Rings Set

Combines the celestial nature of the moon with the concept of harmony. The word "lunar" refers to the moon, while "harmony" represents a state of balance and peace, represented by the flower. Together, "Lunar Harmony" evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity, capturing the harmonious essence of the moon.

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Meet Viktoriia Yuksha, an innovative and inspiring content creator who has carved a unique niche in the realm of ASMR journaling. Associated with her online identity - Vicky's Journal, her work's relaxation essence has garnered millions of loyal followers across different social media channels, making her a viral sensation.

Find her on Instagram @vickys.journal, where she shares a glimpse into her creative process and serene aesthetic. With over 100K followers, her artful compositions have not only a soothing visual appeal but also carry a calming aura about them, a testament to her unique approach to ASMR journaling.

On YouTube @VickysJournal, with half a million subscribers, Viktoriia explores the therapeutic benefits of ASMR through her videos, where she combines mesmerizing journals, soft-spoken voiceovers, and calming ambient sounds, perfectly rendering an tranquil ASMR environment.

Her account on TikTok_@vickys_journal_ttboasts more than 1 million strong followers, where her followers get to enjoy bite-sized clips of her rhythmic journaling sessions. Each video posted is thoughtfully curated with gentle background music that collectively contributes to an immersive ASMR experience.Viktoriia's aim, through Vicky's Journal, is to extend her love for artful journaling into a source of soothing respite for her followers. Her creative journey, from journaling to jewelry designed with Trendolla, endorses her belief - art, like our universe, is infinite and richly beautiful.

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