How far are you going for love? Love isn’t something that you find one day to simply just set in on the mantle in your abode or a box in the attic. Some have the blatant audacity to use it like a toy that has been highly anticipated to be received on Christmas morning, and within an hour or so the toy is sloppily placed on the floor for the dust and dogs to destroy.


To others love is like a precious jewel a thing of incredible worth,

but it is then hidden and protected in a safe, bunker, or vault.


In truth love does have incredible value like a jewel but it is also as delicate as a flower, it needs a certain amount sunlight, soft words, water, and a pleasant place to grow. Love deserves the royal treatment. The Imperial collection by Rollins Royale designed by Nathaniel Rollins is meant to signify royalty, from the king and queen to the princes and princesses. These are your crowns.

September 09, 2021 — Joanne Seymour

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