The tennis bracelet is an ideal gift for any woman at any age. It’s a timeless, elegant bracelet.

Tennis bracelets are also very practical. They make sense for any woman.

The tennis bracelet looks great when you wear it on its own, but it also looks great when layered with other accessories such as a watch or a different bracelet.

Sometimes, however, you won't have a perfect outfit, so we'll also share tips on how to wear a tennis bracelet and a watch. 


What is so special about a tennis bracelet?

This tennis bracelet has a secret that many don’t know about, making it unique.

It is not only stylish and comfortable but also extra lightweight and not too tight around your wrist.

There are lots of choices in this size. Everyone will find something they like.

The tennis bracelet is a perfect gift to give to a loved one for and on all occasions.


4 Different Types of Tennis Bracelets

There are 4 main types of tennis bracelets, bezel, baguette, multi-row, and designer tennis bracelets.


Bezel Tennis Bracelets 

This tennis bracelet is one of the most common types of tennis bracelets, characterized by the bezel, round cut diamonds, and small diamonds scattered evenly throughout the bracelet.


Multiple-Row Tennis bracelets

If you are looking for a thicker tennis bracelet, this would be an excellent choice.

It is thicker because it features a few rows of diamonds.

This set of necklaces has approximately 5 rows of round-cut diamonds which will make you look very elegant and also a little bit wealthy.


Baguette tennis bracelets

This bracelet features diamonds in an elegant bezel setting, and its rectangular or square-shaped diamonds will add a touch of sparkle to your outfit.


Designer tennis bracelets

This is the most popular tennis bracelet type.

This is a very popular style of bracelet that's made of round-cut designer, halo-shaped diamonds.

The line of diamond jewelry runs from the top to the bottom, as circular stones cover the whole bracelet.

This bracelet is an example of the use of diamonds to encompass the bracelet’s main stones.

And as expected, the designer bracelet is one of the most expensive types of tennis bracelet.


How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch?

If you're looking for the perfect tennis bracelet, you want one that will go well with your wristwatch and that's stylish, too. There's a lot to consider when you're shopping for the best tennis bracelet, so let's first look at the tips on how to best style your tennis bracelet.


Quality of the tennis bracelet

A tennis bracelet should be a high-quality piece made of suitable materials, such as stones and metals.

Gold or platinum bracelets are the best ones for jewelry. They're sturdy and elegant, and look good with a variety of outfits.

While many tennis bracelets options would have you believe that it's ok to wear your tennis bracelet on an everyday basis, it's actually better to get one made of the highest quality materials like platinum and solid gold.

For a tennis bracelet that will last you a long time, the quality of the stones is also essential, and for a bracelet that’s going to last you a long time, always shiny and sparkly, high-quality stones are ideal.


Settings and Style

In addition to considering the design, color, and size, you also need to think about the style and the settings of the bracelet.

Each and every one of these beautiful jewelry pieces is different and they are truly as unique as their wearer.

These beautiful bracelets are of different types and styles, and they come in either one or three rows of diamonds.

There are different types of diamond cuts, such as round-cut, emerald-cut, and princess-cut diamonds.

A common type of bracelet is prong-set, but it also has bezel and channel-set diamonds. These are incorporated into the bracelet.



Size the bracelet before you buy it; usually, the average size for a tennis bracelet is about 7 inches.

The tennis bracelets come in a variety of sizes, which means that you can adjust them to fit any wrist.


So, how do you style the bracelet?

Generally, the best way to wear your tennis bracelet is to wear it on its own. This piece is truly a piece of art. You'll enjoy wearing the bracelet, regardless of what you're wearing. But you can also wear it with any other bracelet or watch.


1. Consider mixing materials

While layering the tennis bracelet with other jewelry items is a great way to style the bracelet, you should avoid mixing metals, as the metal band may be scratched, and the diamonds may damage the other jewelry items.

And so, if you must wear the bracelet and the watch at the same time, consider choosing a watch with a leather or other fabric band to avoid damaging the bracelet.

Your tennis bracelet should complement the type of watch you choose to wear. Regardless of whether you choose to go for a sports watch or dress watch, just make sure the watch you decide on complements your bracelet.

If you want to wear a tennis bracelet without looking overdone, then try opting for a simple watch with a plain clock face rather than a brightly colored or patterned design.


2. Add some color

Additionally, to mix and match materials, you should also think of adding a nice splash of color to the tennis bracelet.

The bracelet will have a few bright-colored stones such as aquamarines or diamonds, as well as some gemstones that are less valuable.

A splash of color might mean a bright-colored watch or one with a bright-colored face.


3. Metal blend

You could also mix metals. You should wear your white gold tennis bracelet with a white gold watch with some yellow gold watch.

This glitter polish will give you just the perfect amount of sparkle.


4. Always choose luxury

The tennis bracelet is a symbol of luxury. You might want to pair it with a luxurious or stunning timepiece, for example, a Swiss timepiece with diamonds incorporated on it.



If you're into tennis bracelets, you'll be happy to know that these bracelets are relatively easy to accessorize, especially with watches, regardless of the materials that the bracelet and the watch are made of. The bracelet can have colored diamonds, and the watch may or may not be fascinated with gemstones.

But whichever style of diamond tennis bracelets you choose, the diamond tennis bracelet is a great investment, as you can wear them daily if you choose to.


May 31, 2022 — Chloe Guan

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