Opal Nose Piercing

It's a fashionable and trendy piece of jewelry that rests on the nostrils.

A woman’s treasured necklace is not just a simple piece of jewelry, but an item she treasures, and in which she places her hopes.

Many people are fascinated with this body art because it is so unusual.

A nose ring is an interesting part of your face jewelry collection. There’s even a special place in Hindu mythology for nose piercings.

The nose pins and nose rings were also status symbols of yester years.

Gold and silver nose rings studded with diamonds and other precious gems.

Modern women, irrespective of their religion, culture, and tradition, readily flaunt their nose rings. If you're a tennis fan, you might have noticed ace tennis player Sania Mirza flaunting her nose ring paired with a short skirt and tee on the tennis court.

Wearing a nose ring is more of a fashion statement today than a ritual or display of wealth as mentioned in ancient Indian texts.

The majority of women these days prefer a simple diamond studded nose ring, and this has increased the demand for diamond nose pins.

A nose stud is an accessory that accentuates the facial beauty by giving a glow and sensual appeal. Women in southern parts of India have their noses pierced on the right side while North Indian women have their noses pierced on the left side.

In India, it’s very common for young girls to wear nose rings.

It can help you look younger, feel healthier, and even boost your self-esteem.

Trendolla Gold Plated Sterling Silver Opal Nose Ring



What is an Opal?

Opal is a natural gemstone. This is an organic gemstone that grows naturally in deep underground fissures. It’s quite rare to find in its original form as it’s usually found as a by-product of mining activities. Once mined, the opal must undergo various processes to reveal its beautiful colors. Some of these processes include heating in a controlled environment, high-pressure washing to remove dirt and lose minerals, and finally polishing the piece. These processes are not only expensive but can also damage the opal. This is why opals need to be treated very carefully.

We can all learn something from a gemstone. Here are some things we can learn from opal stones:

• They are strong and resilient. They do not break easily or get damaged.

• They are very resilient to temperature change. Opal does not soften when exposed to extreme heat or freeze. It’s like a thermos bottle.

• They are beautiful to look at. They can be colored white, blue, green, purple or red. Opal is colorless.

• They can be cut into different shapes and sizes, such as a ring, bracelet, pendant or gemstone.


About Our Opals

With over 200 years of jewelry heritage behind us, opals are among the rarest gemstones in the world. They were discovered in Australia but can be found in many other countries in the southern hemisphere, including South Africa and Madagascar. They’re thought to come from meteorites that fell in the earth’s mantle around four billion years ago and were slowly buried. Today, they're formed by the slow growth of bacteria inside a rock.

Whether you’re looking for opals or pearl nose rings, we are experts in creating beautiful designs for you. We have many jewelry makers working hard every day to create only the highest quality nose rings for you.

We offer beautiful, “fiery” colored opals. They are shiny and come in a variety of sizes.


Trendolla Sterling Silver Seamless Opal Inlay Hinged Nose Ring Opal Nose Ring



Color and Sizes

We have many different colors including white, blue, green, pink, purple, and more.

This diversity allows you to match any mood or outfit with your nose-piercing ring.

Opals are available in various sizes — 3mm, 2mm, and even 1mm, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you go with the 3mm, this size will really stick out.

It’s a small, delicate gemstone, perfect for the feminine heart!


Are Opal Hoop Nose Ring Valuable?

The answer is yes. You might be surprised to learn that the black opal nose ring hoop can reach $6,000 per carat value, being more expensive than gold and diamonds. Opals are highly prized and often used as a central stone in high-end jewelry.


What Do Opals Symbolize?

Opals are a beautiful and rare gemstone. They symbolize hope, purity, and innocence. The stone has also been associated with faithfulness, happiness, and confidence.

If you are looking for a gorgeous, shiny, dainty, and eye-catching nose ring, then you need to check out our opal nose rings.


Fun Fact

Opals are often associated with October, as rubies are with July.

Opals are one of the birthstones worn by many people, but they’re also considered to be a stone of good luck.


Trendolla Sterling Silver Tiny Nose Ring Horseshoe Opal Nose Ring



Making A Fashion Statement with Nose Rings

There are a lot of cool and funky jewelry pieces that can be found today from the reputed jewelers.

I'll go over some tips on how to choose a right type of nose ring to help you improve your overall look. You'll learn about the type of nose rings that suit different types of noses and the best ways to style them.

It’s perfect for day or night.

· A big pendant will look fabulous hanging over your clothes and will complement any outfit.

· A wide pendant will flatter a small or broad face.

· An elegant half moon stud nose ring will suit a thin nose.


Nose Rings for Everyone

It is possible to get nose rings even if you haven't had your ears pierced yet.

These are the latest earrings to hit the market that have lots of popularity. They are in various designs and are made of high-quality materials.

These are traditional dresses that are ideal for festivals and celebrations and are great for casual or business wear.

A nose ring or pin is the tiniest piece of jewelry among your gold and diamond jewelry collections.

Nose piercing is the trendiest jewellery among the younger generation. There are many reputable online jewelers who come with cool, trendy, and funky nose studs designs that can fit in with your lifestyle.

Nose studs are a beautiful gift for your loved ones, too.

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