The Meaning of the Virgencita Necklace

The more you know about the meaning of the Virgincita necklace, the more you'll understand the importance of this piece of jewelry.

Most jewelry is rooted in symbolism from wedding rings to gold crosses.

It's time to get to know the meaning of the Virgencita Necklace. There's more to this piece than meets the eye.



This piece of jewelry symbolizes the belief that wearing it will bring special blessings from the Virgin Mary.

It is often worn to help strengthen a person's faith in the Catholic tradition but is sometimes worn by anyone who has a religious affiliation or respect for the Virgin Mary.

The jewelry is awarded to people in their personal lives that are striving to become more devout.


Sterling Silver Virgin Mary Lady of Guadalupe Virgencita Necklace




Virgin Mary (Mary) has always been one of the most celebrated women in history, and her beauty and grace have inspired artists and sculptors for centuries.

According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego, who was walking through a canyon in Mexico City, around December 9th, 1531.

Juan Diego was from the indigenous Mexican people, the Nahuas. He appeared in the dark as a woman, speaking Nahuatl, their native language.

That is a very good question, Maria. A casita is a small, single-story home. This woman wanted a house that was separate from her husband’s.

Twice Juan Diego reported this to his local bishop, who didn’t believe him.

The second time, the bishop asked for proof that the apparitions happened.

But the miraculous medal did not originate in 1830 when Catherine Labouré, a young nun in Paris, had visions of Mary; it originated in 1858 when the Catholic church gave permission for Catherine to produce and distribute miraculous medals.

Each vision was different. In one vision, she saw the Blessed Mother, standing inside an oval frame with an inscription around the frame that said, “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." In the second vision, Mary was seated next to an angelic child who was sitting on a globe with rays of light coming from his hands in the direction of the globe.

Some of the light didn't touch the planet, and that was causing problems.

When she asked Mary about these rays, Mary reportedly said, "those are the graces for which people forget to ask." Catherine Laboué also reported that Mary asked her to bring these visions and words to others in the form of a protective medallion so that, "all who wear them will receive great graces," according to Mary.

For the next two years, she was observed and her visions were deemed valid by the church. Eventually, the request for the creation of a Virgin of Mercy was granted.

These medals show their faith in God and the Blessed Mother. Millions of Christians wear these medals daily to connect with the Blessed Mother.



Essential Elements of the Virgencita Necklace

The front of the Virgin Mary necklace always depicts the Virgin Mary.

The back of the medal features an M, surmounted by a cross, with two hearts and 12 stars.

The letter “M” stands for Mary, Jesus' mother, who gave birth to Him. The cross in the background represents the sacrifice of Jesus.

The two hearts are for the immaculate heart of the Virgin Mary and for the heart of Jesus.

"The 12 Stars" has a meaning for the Catholic Church. One interpretation suggests that these 12 stars are the 12 apostles. Another says they are the 12 signs of the zodiac. Still, another sees the 12 stars as 12 saints.


Modern Styles

Since this image of the Virgin Mary is a miraculous vision, it's likely that the style of the medallion will never change.

However, the medal has a broader range of materials and designs than ever before.

It comes in many different colors, including white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, pewter and other select metals.

There are medals that can be hand-painted, and you can select a medal that is hand painted.

You have a choice when it comes to the kind of chain that's right for you.


Sterling Silver Virgin Mary Lady of Guadalupe Necklace Virgencita Necklace



A few months before my parents were set to come to America, they faced a tough decision: What to take? There were so many items to choose from—clothing, toiletries, kitchenware and even a TV!

They longed for a chance to share their whole life which included their parents, their culture, and their way of life.

Many people in Mexico don't have many materialistic things, but when they do have something, it means a lot to them.

Her mother grew up very poor, and at a young age she began working to help in her home, and to also try to provide herself with a couple of things.

This object is a piece of jewelry that she earned after working really hard.

It was a present from his wife. When he gave it to her, it meant a lot to her because she grew up not focusing on materialistic things, but this necklace was something that she could wear all the time.

This necklace is also associated with her religion, and has an interesting design.

This is an important part of Mexican culture. Everyone knows about it and talks about it. You can read more about it here.

She used it on her travels and she found that it gave her the confidence she needed. This pendant was made in Mexico and she always tells me she would wish she could have brought more.

This is a wonderful gift to help a mom feel like she's still at home with her parents.

Her culture lives in her. She's been telling me that she’s going to be able to keep her important belongings and I've been keeping those belongings with me all the time.

I will always know where my family comes from and who my roots are.


The Symbols of the Virgencita Necklace


When the Virgin Mary is surrounded by clouds, that shows that she is from heaven.

Indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest greeted people they believed came from God with the expression: “Among fog and clouds.”



There are three suns represented in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The first sun in the image is cosmic and casts light on the Virgin’s left side, and creates a shadow.

Golden rays from the second sun, behind her, signifying that she is the “Mother of Light” and greater than the Aztec sun god, whom she eclipses.

The third sun represents the goddess Selene, who rules over the three phases of the moon, when it is waxing, full and waning.


Cross Medallion

Mary wears around her neck a gold medallion engraved with a cross.

This medallion is an important part of the Catholic Church's veneration of St. Mary. She wears the medallion because it means she's consecrated to Jesus.




The indigenous people used prayer as an expression of power, not just with their hands, but with their whole bodies.

In the image on the tilma, Our Lady of Guadalupe is shown in a pose of dancing prayer, with her knee bent in movement.


Mantle and tunic

Her rose-tinted tunic symbolizes the earth, and her starry mantle represents the heavens.

The mantle also indicates that she is royalty because only the native emperors wore cloaks of that color.


Black ribbon

The blue ribbon on Mary's waist shows that she is expecting a baby.

For the Aztecs, the trapezoid-shaped ends of the ribbon represented the end of one cycle and the birth of a new era.



Nine golden flowers, symbolizing life and truth, adorn Mary’s dress.

There are glyphs at the top of the hill that represent a hill and a river.

Hills are among the highest points of encounter between God and humans.

This image of flowers represents love and affection from the heart. It's a symbol of the Divine.


Four-petaled jasmine

Mary's tunic has a blue, four-petaled flower, which looks as though it's hanging over her womb.

The four-petaled jasmine flower represents the Aztecs’ highest deity Ometéotl.

Many people say Our Lady of Guadalupe shows that the one true God chose to be born of a woman, so he can be found by all.



The Virgin Mary stands on a crescent moon. The Aztec word for Mexico, “Metz-xic-co,” means “in the center of the moon.”



A star appears with the angel’s wings above Mary’s feet.

According to Aztec belief, an eagle is sacred to the gods. He delivers hearts and blood from sacrificed victims to the gods.

The angels hold up the pregnant Virgin, signifying that the baby in her womb is the offering that pleases God.


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