Hi, I'm Ela. I'm an art teacher and a great admirer of jewelry. I stumbled upon Trendolla jewelry accidentally and I liked it from the very beginning. I find Trendolla pieces quite attractive, fancy, elegant, and fashionable. The simple silver collection left the strongest impression on me, but I have to admit I enjoyed wearing flashy, opulent golden collections as well because they differ greatly from my personal boho-like style. That's exactly what I appreciate at Trendola the most- the variety they offer gives you the opportunity to explore different styles, from classical to extravagant.



Being a person interested in art and fashion,

I love wearing jewelry and I'm always wearing it.

For me, the saying "less is more" doesn't apply! More is more!

What I especially enjoy is finding unique,

traditional pieces of ornaments and accessories in different countries and bringing them with me.




The last trip was amazing,

flamboyant Myanmar from where I came back wearing new sets of silver rings decorated in Burmese style.

Life is a journey, why not beautify it with shiny, colorful objects.

September 23, 2021 — Joanne Seymour

We design for life, create for the world.

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