We are now using hand sanitizers more than anyone ever thought possible because of the world pandemic. But there is a side effect to this. This is the fact that it is wiping off jewelry that is exposed. That means that when you wash your hands with antibacterial soap and then wipe them dry with a paper towel, they might leave your jewelry feeling oily.

Hand sanitizers contain a lot of alcohol, which is not safe for your jewelry. Especially since you would never want to wear jewelry made with gemstones while you're in public!

Hand sanitizer is a personal hygiene item that is becoming increasingly popular. People use it to cleanse their hands before eating and even to clean their jewelry. However, many are concerned about its impact on their diamond rings.


 Is hand sanitizer bad for your diamond rings? 

If you use your hand sanitizer with your engagement ring on, you may not notice any changes or damage to the ring immediately, but the gems and diamonds may lose their luster over time due to the residue left by the hand sanitizer.

The dulling isn’t permanent, and the diamond’s original shine would be restored eventually. 

If your engagement ring is made of white gold, you can relax knowing that the sanitizer is safe to use and will not leave behind any harmful residues. The only thing you might lose is the shine and brilliance of your ring.

Rings can get dirty and can easily lose their shine. This is why it is important to take extra care when wearing jewelry or using any type of hand sanitizer. You should be sure to clean your hands before touching the ring or removing it from your fingers so that you do not transfer anything to the surface.

To prevent ruining your diamond ring, use a paper towel to dry your hands. Don't put them on the metal, though. That's not a good idea! Also, don't spray it directly at the ring. The liquid may come off and could get into the metal.

This can be a tedious job, but it’s definitely better than cleaning everything by hand.


Is hand sanitizer bad for your yellow or rose gold rings

You probably won't notice a difference in the health benefits of the two types of hand sanitizers, but there can be a difference in their effects on the jewelry. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers generally don't harm the metal components of a ring or bracelet, but chlorine-based ones can tarnish and damage them.

If you have a yellow gold ring, you will be happy to know that yellow gold is the least susceptible to any form of damage from the alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This means that your yellow gold ring won't get tarnished and that you don't have to worry about it when you use it. However, rose gold rings are susceptible to hand sanitizers regardless of the type of metal used in the ring.

When making a commitment to the ring, make sure to ask the jeweler to do their research on your gemstone choice to make sure that it will be the right fit for your ring.


 Is hand sanitizer bad for your platinum rings?

Platinum is one of the strongest, most fairy-safe metals in jewelry making. If your engagement or wedding ring is made of platinum, you won't have to worry about your ring being damaged by alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Platinum is a precious metal that resists corrosion and oxidation. Platinum also does not react with most chemicals which means that your ring will remain to look fresh for years to come. While it is true that it is recommended to avoid exposing your platinum ring to regular hand sanitizer, the occasional exposure is likely to be harmless and can help reduce the buildup of an outer layer of skin which could cause a dulling of the stone.


 Is hand sanitizer bad for your silver rings? 

If your ring is made of sterling silver, it would be extremely difficult to be completely sure of the safety of your hands when sanitizing them. While you may try your best, it is possible that you could actually tarnish your ring due to the amount of time you spend using the hand sanitizer.

Chlorine, bleach, and other household chemicals like ammonia or Lysol may ruin your sterling silver jewelry. However, there is a solution. You can simply remove the tarnish before applying a new coating.


What to do if your rings get sanitizer?

Even though you need your hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean on the go, the potential damage caused by sanitizers doesn't just affect your hands. It also harms your rings and other jewelry. The biggest issue with the hand sanitizer has to do with the alcohol used to kill germs.

Although it is an effective germ killer, alcohol is quite corrosive, and it will slowly erode the metal finishes on your engagement ring.

Diamonds are some of the most valuable gemstones. However, they are also quite sensitive. One thing to be aware of is that exposure to water and other cleaning products can lead to damage or even permanent damage to your diamond engagement ring.

Besides the effects on the metal finishes, the erosion of the finishes will expose the prongs, meaning that the stones might loosen over time, forcing you to incur high costs in repairing the ring.

If your ring was designed with materials that are exposed to chemicals such as cleaning products, you may want to examine whether it can be repaired or replaced.

Call in a professional to clean your precious ring. Most reputable jewelers offer reliable, professional cleaning services, and the service may be free if you purchased the ring from the store.

If you cannot take it to the jeweler, soak it in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Then gently use a soft-bristled brush to remove some of the dirt. This will help restore the shine to your ring.

Wrap your jewelry gently with a soft, microfiber/lint-free cloth. You’ll get much better results that way!



With the outbreak of coronavirus, concerns about the spread of this new virus have increased the popularity of hand sanitizers. While some people choose to avoid touching their rings, they should instead take appropriate measures to make sure the virus stays away. If you have a ring, make sure you keep it on you and wear it properly!

We recommend removing the sanitizer before each use to avoid damaging the ring; however, this is impractical and it is better to clean the ring between uses.


February 22, 2022 — Erica Zheng

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