A relationship is an ongoing process. Engagements are a special type of event that occurs in a relationship. An engagement is an important defining moment in a relationship, for a man it is mostly nerve-wracking, for a woman it is an exciting moment.

There is no guarantee that you will fall in love with your engagement ring when he finally proposes. While a happy ending seems like a sure thing, there are many things that can cause you to go through several engagements before finding a person you can happily marry.

You may think your husband has the perfect engagement ring, but it's best to be prepared for anything. Here are some ideas that can help make your upcoming wedding day more stress-free.

Engagement rings are a long-standing tradition in most cultures. In most places, the wedding rings are worn until death do them part, and the tradition is still alive today. And why do some of us hate them? Well, here we will discuss the best way to handle hating your engagement ring, as well as, common reasons for it.


If you hate wearing your engagement ring, you're not the only one. These common reasons are listed below.

An engagement ring is the first symbol of your future with your partner. It’s something you’ll have to wear for the rest of your life hence it’s important to love it.

Like wedding rings, the reality of your ring choice isn't always the same as what you thought it would be. As with weddings, you might find that the reality of your ring is just not what you thought it would be.

Given the excitement, confusion, and nervousness that men go through, especially while choosing a ring, a lot of them choose the wrong ring. In other words, they end up with rings that don’t match their expectations.

The first reason you might not be a fan of your engagement ring is that it does not go with any style. If you want to wear a wedding band and an engagement ring, it's best to keep the ring and the band separate.

There are a few common reasons you may end up hating your engagement ring. These reasons are as follows:



1. The Engagement Ring is Trashy or Cheap.

There is an old belief that an engagement ring should cost a man at least three months of his salary. In other words, if a man is not earning enough money, his husband will not be able to buy an expensive ring.

While these are only a few points on the belief spectrum, and we don't claim to be experts on all of them, we've noticed that most women don't mind engagement rings. In fact, some really like them! So, if your girl is looking for a good deal, make sure to get one that will impress her.

Furthermore, because cheap jewelry has to offer more value for less money than high-end jewelry, they tend to be of poorer quality and less visually appealing. In addition, depending on the materials used in the ring, it may tarnish quickly and lose its appeal.


2. The Ring is Out of Style.

Old, traditional engagement ring styles tend to be out of date and can be too fussy for some people. But with the growing popularity of alternative, modern engagement ring styles, many people are looking for a ring that reflects their modern, eclectic tastes.

If you're looking for a modern, trendy style, then it's difficult to accept an older ring that's passed down to you. Even if it is a special heirloom.


3. The Ring is Not Comfortable.

Aside from the design and value of the engagement ring, comfort can be one of the most important factors in choosing a ring. While we'd like to think that size doesn't matter (and it does for some, but for others, it makes a huge difference) if the ring is too big it will make your finger feel constricted. If the ring is too small it may be difficult to keep on.

Ring sizes are an important part of a wedding ceremony. However, they are not the only factor in choosing the perfect wedding ring. The other factors to consider include fit and comfort. For instance, a large-sized ring may look great on your hand, but be uncomfortable and cause blisters.

Cheap rings especially are made with reactive metals or metal alloys that could react with your skin especially if you have metal sensitivity. Having arthritic fingers could also make it extremely uncomfortable wearing your engagement ring.

Whatever the reason, the discomfort brought about by the ring could easily lead you to hate it. You're probably going to hate it if it doesn't fit, but that's no reason to force it on yourself.



What Should You Do if You DNot Love Wearing Your Engagement Ring?

When the deed is done, and you’re left with an engagement ring you absolutely hate, telling your fiancée can be difficult. While the engagement ring may have been a gift from the family, it was designed by you, and you want it back.

The truth is, I don’t know. However, if you are in doubt of how to phrase something appropriately, take the time to consider the impact your choice will have on the other person. In this case, if you decide to say nothing and then feel bad because of it later, consider the fact that he probably feels a little hurt and might not ever tell you again.

The truth is, however, that you cannot carry on pretending to like something you hate for the rest of your relationship. The disappointment and irritation with the ring may end up negatively affecting the relationship otherwise.

So, if you don't like your engagement ring, there are a few things you can do to make it less of an issue: 

    • Try to buy a smaller ring. The size of the ring is really not as important as the shape.

    • Consider a solitaire ring. Many people love this style because it doesn't show a lot of diamonds, but it can be more meaningful than a center stone surrounded by smaller stones.

    • Choose a vintage-style ring that is different from your engagement ring. This will give your ring a more "grown-up" look.



1. Give it some time.

If you're afraid to bring the subject up in a way that might upset your boyfriend or girlfriend, let it go. In fact, there's a good chance your partner would actually be open to the idea if you give it some time. The length of time can be weeks to even months, depending on when you think he or she will be more receptive to the idea.


2. Think about the intention and meaning behind the ring.

What do you think of when you see a beautiful ring? Some of you may recall a special moment in your life that was accompanied by a ring or wedding band. Or maybe you know someone who is getting married. Whatever the case, there is no denying that rings and wedding bands are important symbols that hold great importance in our culture. While many people wear these items simply for fashion purposes, there are others who actually have personal reasons for choosing one over another.

You may be aware that she is really excited about her ring. Maybe you even know why. Perhaps it was hard to find and cost a pretty penny. It's fine to be excited about the ring but focus on the love and meaning behind the ring, not the ring itself.

If you were to think about the rings in terms of the relationship you have with your significant other, they are symbols of the two of you coming together to share your lives and create a family. You are united in the ring that represents the bond between you.


3. Find the right way of saying it.

You've waited long enough for this ring, so now it's time to tell him how you really feel. Start by acknowledging the effort he has put into this, and tell him that you have been thinking about the conversation since you first saw the ring. If you think he's ready to hear it, ask if he would like to talk about it privately.

This can be a tricky one! It’s not really fair to judge someone else for having a partner. As long as they're respectful and loving, it doesn't matter what the sex is. And if you don't like it then the right thing to do is respect that and not force your preferences on them. They don't have to change.



4. Either return it or exchange it.

If the ring was purchased from a jewelry store, you can return it or exchange it at no cost. If there’s no return policy, or if you decide to keep the ring, you may be able to get a refund.


5. Revamp the ring.

You can choose the options for your engagement ring that best fit your style and personality. If you want something classic and traditional, that's not a problem; you can buy a ring that has been in your family for generations or even go for one with precious stones set into a solid-gold setting.

He might want you to preserve the family stone if it's there, so you can keep the stone and change the band's design. You could also use metal to make your wedding band as well.


6. Make sure you choose your wedding ring.

If you’re getting married, you should plan ahead by choosing the ring that will make up for your terrible engagement ring.

If you find the perfect ring to wear with your engagement ring, you can always choose to save the ring itself to give to your husband one day, while wearing it yourself.




The truth is you can’t fault your fiancé for choosing the ring that’s in your budget. He may have thought of a beautiful ring for you, but it’s really the one you’re able to afford.

The engagement ring is just a symbol, but it is also a piece of jewelry that represents love. You are going to spend the rest of your life with this person, so make sure that you are wearing your heart on your sleeve as you walk down the aisle.


February 25, 2022 — Erica Zheng

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