We are looking for exceptional people who can make a difference in the direction of the Trendolla by providing an outstanding work ethic and a positive and optimistic attitude in the workplace.

Domestic trade business

Job Responsibilities:
    Develop and maintain new and old customers through exhibitions, Alibaba, and other platforms;
    Cooperate with the sales management to track the production schedule and quality of the order, and ensure that the order can be delivered on time and in good quality;
    Other work content assigned by the superior supervisor.
  College degree or above, major in marketing or other related fields;
  More than 11-years sales experience, familiar with e-commerce platform, excellent fresh graduates can also;
    Good communication and presentation skills, and have certain market analysis and judgment skills;
    Have excellent teamwork spirit and execution awareness, strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, serious work, a strong sense of responsibility, and strong resistance to pressure;
    Drivers are preferred to hire.

International trade

Job Responsibilities:
  Develop and maintain new and old customers through domestic and international exhibitions, Alibaba, Global Sources, and other platforms;
  The production of quotations, contracts, statements, etc., in line with the sales management to track the production schedule and quality of orders, to ensure that orders can be delivered on time, quality and delivery;
    Other work assigned by superior leaders.
    Full-time college degree or above, major in English, international trade, marketing, etc.;
    College English 6 and Professional 4, excellent English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills;
  More than one year of foreign trade business experience, familiar with foreign trade processes, outstanding graduates can also;
    Have good communication and expression skills and certain market analysis and judgment skills;
 Proactive, with good learning ability and teamwork spirit.


Job Responsibilities:
    Responsible for the operation management and optimization of the fast-selling electricity supplier platform;
    Collect, summarize consumer shopping habits, and solve various problems encountered before and after purchase;
    Follow-up orders, stock shipping, shipping receipts, and other links.
    College degree or above, major in international trade or e-commerce;
    More than one year of fast selling electricity supplier business experience;
    Understand the policies and regulations of AliExpress and familiarize with product development methods and techniques in the market;
    College English 4, with good English reading and writing skills;

New media promotion

Job Responsibilities:
    Designate the company's store SNS promotion implementation plan and implement it concretely, plan various activities, release original information, and condense network popularity;
    Responsible for the company's external forum, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms to promote marketing, including content planning and implementation according to the plan; responsible for network communication copywriting, creative copy, soft text, news, etc. writing and publishing execution control;
    Develop and identify overseas new media reds, and establish cooperative relationships with major overseas reds and big coffee;
    Interact with foreigners and play with communities and new media.
    More than one year of promotion experience outside the station. (Excellent fresh graduates are also available)
    English majors and above, business English, e-commerce, marketing, international trade, and other English majors are preferred;
    Excellent English writing ability and strong information collection and integration skills;
 Take the initiative to work seriously, have a strong sense of responsibility.


General secretary

Job Responsibilities:
    Responsible for general manager internal and external schedule management and customer visit reception;
    Drafting various types of copywriting, official documents, work plans, and important company meeting minutes;
    Responsible for coordinating, tracking, and supervising the implementation of the work of various departments;
    Complete other transactional work for leadership arrangements.
    College degree or above, major in language or secretarial;
    The height is more than 160cm, the language expression ability is outstanding, and the image quality is good;
    Strong communication, coordination, and execution skills, proficient in official document writing;
    Driver's license and oral English ability are preferred