How are you accessorizing and showing up to your friend’s wedding?

If you’re looking for ideas for something new to wear to a wedding, then you need to look for the right jewelry options.

If you don’t have any jewelry or accessories, then why not? This article can help you in a few ways. For one, it will give you ideas that you can follow.

It's important to take your time when planning your look for the day. While some of the most fabulous outfits are made to make you stand out, these tips will help you create the most striking looks that will leave a lasting impression.


What jewelry do you wear to a wedding?


We’ve put together a number of articles on wedding rings, wedding ring ideas, wedding rings, and wedding bands, which you may find helpful if you’re looking to wear the jewelry to wedding.

Okay, here we go!


1. The Wedding Theme

  • Bohemian Wedding 

    If you have been invited to a Bohemian wedding, you are in for a very nice event. This theme is very relaxing, and there's always time for fun.

    Pulling off this look is easy. You can do it with jewelry that features dreamcatchers, feathers, or tassels.

  • Fairytale Wedding Guest

    If you’re attending a fairy tale wedding, you may struggle to find the right bridesmaid gifts, especially for your wedding party. Often, you’ll find that they look a bit childish or even tacky. Luckily, you can now search for rose gold and white items, which can make a huge difference.

  • Modern Wedding Guest Accessories

    If you’re dressing and accessorizing for a modern wedding, you’d want to create and go for the modern chic look.

    Look at options such as plain sterling silver rings, gold drop earrings, stainless steel with black earrings or cufflinks, a multi-stone chain bracelet, or a multi-strand

    You want to go for simple, classy, and sophisticated pieces.

  • Garden Party Wedding Jewelry

    Summer garden weddings are always a joy to attend. People look happier, everything looks fun and bright, and the weather is beautiful. The wedding party usually has plenty of opportunities to wear flowers, light pastels, and patterns.

    Generally, you'd have to go for more of the floral pieces, including watches, earrings, necklaces, etc.

    You could also try out matching stud earrings.

  • Nautical Wedding Jewelry

    Many brides want to use their own jewelry as part of their wedding look and can take their inspiration from the nautical theme.

  • Vintage or Art Deco Jewelry for Wedding Guests

    If you want to accessorize for a wedding and want to channel your inner vintage spirit, you should wear the best of the 1920s pieces that show glamor and the best of the vintage styles.

    You can accessorize your wedding in different ways. Here are the best ways to accessorize your wedding:

    These are often pearls and can be set in a variety of different ways, including through wire, as drop earrings, or as a set of bails.

    The best part is that you don't have to be limited by the colors or styles available in the store. You could even add some color, sparkle, and shine to your jewelry options.


We've now looked at what you should expect when you attend a wedding as a guest, so here are some etiquette tips to help you behave correctly in such situations.


2. Avoid Wearing Statement Pieces.

In general, the wedding is an occasion for you to show up for your friends or the couple getting married. However, this doesn’t mean that you should outshine the couple getting married.

This is true courteous behavior, to allow the bride to steal the show, or, as I like to call it, let the bride have the last laugh.

You should avoid overdoing any fashion trends. While wearing some of the trendiest clothes, you should also make sure not to go overboard.

To reiterate the point above, you need always to remember that ‘smaller is always better, and that smaller pieces are always better and the preferable option to the bigger pieces when you’re attending a wedding.

Instead, it would be more beneficial if you chose the simpler studs, like diamond studs, not to mention the drop diamonds, tennis bracelets, and diamond necklace line.


3. Always Wear High-quality jewelry.

You’ll be spending a lot of time at your wedding, so choose your accessories carefully. You should choose accessories that fit your style and your budget.

If you're not showing off some of your finer pieces in your jewelry collection, it's probably time for you to invest in some of your more elegant pieces.

While shopping for classic, elegant jewelry can be expensive, it's an investment worth making.

If you want to buy pieces from a jewelry store like a graduated diamond chain bracelet, tennis bracelet, gold drop huggie earrings, tennis necklace, diamond, and gold hoop earrings, then think of the process of buying like a graduate student getting the highest GPA for

These pieces are all quite elegantly designed; they stand out, but won't steal the show; they show your appreciation for good things and class, and the best part is that you will look your very best as a wedding guest jewelry.

When you are planning a wedding, you want your accessories to match your wedding theme and the time of year you are getting married. You could try black diamond earrings, pearl earrings, and even white pearls, all of which match perfectly.


4. Pearls

Whether you go with a necklace, bracelet, or another type of pearl jewelry, it’s always safe to wear pearls as a part of your everyday wardrobe.

Pearls are classic jewelry that you can wear to weddings, and the best part is that they’re highly versatile.

A great wedding outfit doesn’t always need to be complicated or take a lot of time to make. It's the subtle design details that are important, and pearl necklaces and earrings, and even the bright colors, are all things you will want to experiment with within your wedding dress choices.


5. Go for the classics

If you're going for a non-traditional wedding theme, there is a wide range of accessories you could choose from, including traditional accessories, and these often look great at weddings.

Wear something nice. This means wearing smaller and more subtle accessories, such as stud earrings and necklaces with pendants, rather than larger and chunkier ones.


6. Details

As you choose the best jewelry options to wear, you should also think about the designs, details, textures, colors of your jewelry, the colors of your outfits, and whether or not the accessories match your hair and skin.

Your accessories can make or break a wedding outfit. The right jewelry will help you stand out as one of the guests and not just another blingy bride.

You don't need to buy all kinds of accessories for all kinds of outfits, so if you're going to a wedding, don’t be tempted to buy all kinds of jewelry, but rather opt for a necklace, bracelet, and earrings instead.


7. Mix and Match Styles

Depending on when the event is scheduled, you may want to try different elements in order to create a more personalized look.

To achieve that alluring razzle-dazzle effect, mix sterling silver, pearls, and stones or gold.



Not sure which jewelry options to wear as a wedding guest? We hope that the tips above will guide you in the right direction. So, try it out!

April 29, 2022 — Chloe Guan

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