If you are a fan of crystals, you may have noticed a galaxy-like, deep Blue Sandstone has appeared in many locations. It may resemble a galaxy or starfield, but it's really a natural geological formation.

Blue Sandstone, known as goldstone, and its orange version (goldstone) are staples in online healing gemstone stores because of their unique shiny appearance and attractive sparkly nature.

Also called Star Stone, you may be surprised to learn that this special gemstone isn't a natural stone. It's actually made from a special kind of glass.

Read about the creation of Blue Sandstone and the story of how it was created.



The creation of Sandstone and Blue Sandstone is still unclear to this day. Gold sandstone meaning.

Some claim that it goes back as far as the 17th century. The Miotti family claims to have invented it in Venice.

Sandstone, which is made up of mostly quartz particles, is a unique material. It's the primary material used by the Venetian glassmakers to make a type of sandstone known as "pietra dura.

Glassblowing is an ancient art that was only known to the privileged few until the mid-19th century when Pietro Bigaglia, another glass artist, made it available to the public.

Meanwhile, some people believe that sandstone originated in medieval times when it was forged and molded by monastic orders, which called it goldstone, monk's gold, or monk stone. The last two other names refer to the urban legend that Italian monks created this gemstone in the 1600s.

Others believe that it originates much earlier when it was formed from a marine deposit during the Triassic period.

Sand Quartz is heated, melted, and then infused with other minerals to give them their captivating and cheerful colors.



In India, sandstone is one of the commonly available sedimentary rocks that never runs out. It’s found and discovered in Canada, South America, China, Africa, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, and the United States.



This gemstone is composed mainly of sand grains, and its colors vary from cream, white, tan, red, blue, and rusty brown sometimes hues blended into one another. The stone may include iron, lime, and silica, and others have other quartz and feldspar in them. It also has rainbow-colored oxidations. This oxidation is the reason many sandstones change color.



The colors of sandstones vary from purple to brown. The glass used during its creation will determine its final coloring. And here are some of its common varieties.

Red-Brown Sandstone-this is the most classic variety of sandstone which has copper coloring and gold-like metallic sparkles

Green Sandstone-this variety comes from chromium and resembles the aqua-green natural gemstone called aventurine, which has a similar glitter effect.

Blue Sandstone-this variety comes from cobalt to have its beautiful blue coloring.

Purple Sandstone -this variety has a rich starry look from cobalt mixed with manganese.



The zodiac birthstone for Sagittarius is sandstone. It’s associated with Jupiter and Venus, so it’s appropriate to wear it to make yourself feel happy, optimistic, and creative.

Glass is made of sand and is a transparent substance. It symbolizes the transition between the physical and spiritual realms.



The blue sandstone spiritual meaning is new beginnings and success. You can use the healing crystals to fuel your ambition or business venture. Simply place some tumbled stones in your bag to carry them everywhere.

The essence and meaning of the blue type of goldstone is ambition. It is a stone of desires and dreams. Giver of hope and light, blue sandstone is believed to be the best stone for empaths. It can enhance your telepathy and spiritual awareness. It resets your life and invites new and winning opportunities into your life. Blue gold type stone is one for acceptance and faith too. 

You can also use Blue Goldstone to manifest your intentions. The gemstone balances your chakras to facilitate self-acceptance, relieve stress, help you speak your truth freely, and increase focus.



    Sandstone is the name of a type of stone. It's said to be a stone made of sand and glass. Throughout history, glass has been considered magical because it's the first transparent material that allows light to pass through it. This symbolizes the flow of spiritual power between the physical and spiritual realms.

    There are many of its known physical and spiritual properties that have accompanied humans for centuries.

    It is good for eyesight.

    It aids in broken bones, hair loss, nails, wounds, and water retention.

    It helps to uncover the truth.

    It is used as a filter for water cleansing.

    It is thought to be a rejuvenating stone that will help recharged and connects you with the energy of the cosmos.

    It is also thought to be a shamanic stone that will fill you with enlightenment and divination.

    It helps you control your moods and temper your tantrums.

    It is an ideal stone for balance and stability.

    It is once called a master healer and has healing powers on the throat, thyroid, and tonsils.

    It is also thought to cure inflammation such as arthritis and rheumatism.


    The sandstone's polished shiny appearance will take you away from this universe and keep you wondering about the secrets of the universe while helping you discover all the potential you have inside yourself.

    A Stone of Ambition-It is said that this gemstone is the perfect companion to boost your self-confidence. As a powerful stone for the throat chakra, this stone instills positive energy, nurtures your moods, and uplifts your spirit so that you feel secure to speak and live your truth. It also helps you keep a clear mind to discern between the things you want to keep and let go of with your life.

    A Wishing Stone-It is believed that some cultures thought that it can attract the things you most desire and bring new opportunities to your life.

    A Stone for Empaths-It is said that it helps shield the empaths by covering their sensitive energy while stimulating empathy. It encourages you to be patient and open to better understand those around you.

    A Stone for Knowledge and Perception-This stone will remind you that there is always light within the dark as reflected by its mesmerizing appearance, and if you looked closer, you would find the path that will lead you to your stars.

    A Stone of Creativity-This stone is believed to be created by either wind or water. It is said to build and strengthen cohesiveness and solidarity within the home and at work. It promotes clarity in thought and sight and facilitates ease of movement and change.

    Though the sandstone jewelry is man-made, its popularity among the jewelry makers for centuries has not lessened, up to this day, is said to be extremely popular. The versatility of goldstone makes it the perfect choice for having a unique masterpiece. Its cool-toned hues such as blue and purple sandstones contrast beautifully with silver metal.

    With this, our leading artisans create a handful of vintage aesthetic masterpieces of sterling silver jewelry as follows. Its stunning unique sparkle and colors are vivid depictions of nature's beauty.

    • How To Cleanse Blue Sandstone?

      Cleaning your Blue Sandstone crystals with Clear Quartz will improve their healing properties.

      Clear Quartz is a very powerful protective stone that helps dispel negative energies from other stones.

      The best crystal healing for any purpose is to place Blue Sandstone and Clear Quartz crystals together for hours.

      You can leave them overnight or all day. But if you have a big chunk of Blue Sandstone benefits jewelry, you can simply light up a Clear Quartz healing lamp inside your room.

      Place your blue sandstone properties at the base of the light bulb all night long.

      This product not only cleanses and recharges your Blue Goldstone, but it also purifies the aura in your room.

      The best way to neutralize the harmful effects of electronics is to use clear quartz. It also helps you to overcome the fear of electric current and electromagnetic fields.

      If you put it in your room, you’ll fall asleep peacefully.

      Clear Quartz can also boost your immune system and help you manifest your intention.


    • You can substitute the healing lamp with a Clear Quartz wand. You simply circle your Blue Goldstone with the wand three times.

      But there are more ways to cleanse your Blue Sandstone crystal meaning, including:

      • Leaving under the sunlight for a few hours

      • Leaving it under the moonlight (full moon) overnight

      • Burning sage and passing the smoke over your crystals

      • Soaking in water - wipe dry with a soft cloth

      Cleansing your Blue Sandstone removes all the negative energies around it.



  • Is Blue Goldstone the Same as Blue Sandstone?

    Blue type of goldstone and blue sandstone are the same things.

    It's because it's made from sand into glass, and then goldstone.

    Goldstone isn't as valuable as sandstone. It just has a lot of color and sparkles that look pretty.


  • Is Blue Goldstone Natural?

    No. Goldstone or sandstone is made from sand into glass. And then infused with other materials to make goldstone.


  • Is Blue Sandstone Goldstone Manmade? How Is Blue Sandstone Made?

    Yes, blue sandstone is a manmade gemstone. It is created by creating glass from quartz sand and then adding copper, manganese, cobalt, or chromium particles to create a blue sandstone.


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