As I grow older, I learn to start enjoying life slowly

Sometimes stop and leave some time for yourself

💍: # Jewel Cocktail
A set of jewelry is recently purchased
It's also a gift to myself in advance

Good jewelry must be the finishing touch to a complete match


I chose Jewel Cocktail from Russia

It's really a low-key and luxurious jewelry in my eyes

The overall temperament or style can be controlled at will

there are endless possibilities for your beauty

Choose a basic accessory

Then choose some inlaid accessories you like

I chose white agate and cyan jade as the main colors, advanced atmosphere
Magnet replacement is convenient and quick
Match your own styles every day

Simple and generous, full of sense of quality

See you next time/💛

August 16, 2021 — Joanne Seymour

We design for life, create for the world.

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