Most jewelry, whether it's made of stones that are thought to be indestructible, like diamonds, or not, can fall apart, especially if they have been worn

Naturally, you would be heartbroken if this happened, and you shouldn't lose all hope that fast.

This is because you can reattach a stone that you’ve broken off your ring, and you only need to know-how.

If you're unfortunate and the ring gets lost, or the CZ or diamond fell out of ring, you can still fix it very easily.



Stone Fell Out of Ring – How to Fix?

The only thing left for you to do once the stone has fallen out of the ring is to stow the ring away. But think about it – is that really what you want to do?

If you're ready to say goodbye to that lovely piece of jewelry that represents so much about you, your life, past, and present, or the mere fact that it's your favorite accessory, then maybe you are ready to make

Don't worry about it. You'll be fine.

You'll only have to go back to the jeweler if the stone doesn't work with your engagement ring.

Of course, your friends will recommend you repair the stone with glue. It’s the only way to do it.

Even though you can, going to a professional jeweler to have them reset your engagement ring is more of an ideal solution.


If the ring is damaged, it may be replaced by replacing the ring itself, rather than taking it to the jeweler.

That's why you should make sure that your expensive jewelry is insured.

Replacing the ring may be an expensive process, depending on the type of stone. It's best to have a professional take a close look at the ring so they can tell you what to do to fix or replace the ring.

Jewelry isn’t expensive, and the best jewelers always have some of their most popular pieces that are being sold “as is”, meaning that they have a broken or damaged setting. You can pick up a replacement set at a fraction of the price of a completely new piece of jewelry.

If you have a stone that needs to be fixed, all you need to do is hire a professional to help you.

What if you have the stone and you’d like to fix it at home?



How to fix it?

Follow the steps below to repair your ring back to its original setting.

Step 1 – Gather your tools

5-minute Epoxy Glue (Devcon)

Ring Setting

Gemstone Cabochon

Step 2

Combine the glue using a cocktail stick to ensure the right consistency

Step 3

It is important to apply the glue carefully so that it only covers the part of the setting that needs glue, which is where the stone sits in the middle.

Make the blue-tac your best friend to avoid making messes and to get it done quickly and easily.

Step 4

Now, set your gemstone in the ring.

Make sure you don't tug at the setting. Wait about 10 minutes, then, pull out your cabochon. Your gemstone will be back in place.

Make sure you use jewelry epoxy glue and not superglue.

It's no secret that superglue is the best multi-purpose glue for most things, but for repairing your jewelry glue for stones, especially when a gemstone falls out, it is not the best solution.


Why you shouldn’t use glue when a diamond falls off your ring.

As mentioned above, you can use any type of glue, such as super glue to stick back the stone that falls out of your ring, even if it is a diamond.

Although it seems like the most reasonable thing to do, we recommend it.

This may be the main reason for this because the jewellery glue for stone will not work on diamonds.

The one thing you need to know is that diamonds are very slippery, especially, because they have so many facets that the surfaces, edges, and sides are super smooth. This makes them ideal for gluing onto.

Of course, it might seem like it worked for a little while, but sooner or maybe later, the glue will come off, and you'll lose the stone.

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What kind of jewelry can you glue on effortlessly?

While you don’t have to glue gems onto your ring, you can use a dab of glue to glue back any non-precious gems like beads, baskets, prongs, bezels, wires, and channels, among other simpler and cheaper features that may need to be glued together.

In general, fake gemstones and gems are much easier to handle than real diamonds that use more elaborate methods and devices to be able to successfully hold them to the jewelry.

Fake diamonds are like foil–backs – they are not difficult to glue on and you won’t suffer a loss.

In case you’re wondering, the real ones are genuine diamonds cut to the exact size of a real diamond, although they won't be as shiny as those in a real diamond.

These foil backs usually come glued to costume jewelry, which is often made of cheap gold-plated metals.

The foil-backed papers tend to "pop up" and "fall off" the mounting easels.

Most of the old jewelry that is sold at flea markets is made from the cheaper gems and gemstones and, because they’re usually glued in, you'll notice that the stones are always missing.


Aren’t some diamonds glued in?

Well, there are a few cases where the diamonds will be glued on.

This is very rare and should only be done professionally for special circumstances. This invention relates to an improved method for determining the position of a moving member with respect to a base element or a reference element.

High-quality diamond jewelry is mounted with invisible settings. Only the settings are set in such cases, the jewelry is never glued to the earring or the pendant.



If your wedding ring has a loose stone, follow the recommendations here to repair it and restore the piece.

Know that you should take the ring to a professional jeweler if the diamond in the ring is a real diamond and if it needs to be replaced or reattached.

April 02, 2022 — Erica Zheng

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