We have received many people who would like custom jewelry in the recent two years.

Among them, the custom ring takes accounts for a large part, and we have witnessed many beautiful and interesting love affairs. But in fact, even if many customers choose customization, they still don't realize the flexibility of customization and think that customization is custom gold and lettering.

No, no, if that's the case, just choose a finished frame, and the construction period is short.

When we first made jewelry customization, what was the doorway? The post says: From primary stones to designs in stone and metal textures, bespoke jewelry is crafted from metals and gemstones to design a unique miniature artwork for you.

Today we take the diamond ring as an example to talk about what can be done in the customization of a single main diamond ring. Next week, we'll discuss a lot of major diamond ring meanings that you didn't know existed.


Main stone shape

Of course, the main stone is the most important part of a diamond ring. The whole ring is designed based on the main stone. It should fit the size, shape, and color of the main stone.

Most people believe the diamond is round. However, there are many types of diamond cutting. Such as the shape of drops, emeralds, and so on. They are all big and cheaper 15%  less than the same-level round diamond. If you want to make a unique diamond ring, you may consider this different kind of cutting.

Inlaid mouth

The part that wraps around the center stone is called a setting. Inlay design includes two parts: inlay method and shape. The former is actually included in the latter and is part of the modeling.

In addition to the most common pointed setups, setting methods include wrapping, clamping, tensioning, borderless, and more.


Plugin type

In terms of solidity, the setting is the strongest, but it also blocks the entry of light and affects the fire of the diamond. Diamond rings with large scores are rarely inlaid.

Half cladding

The tension setting allows light to enter without dead ends and can best show the fire of the diamond, but relatively speaking, it is less robust.

Tension collar

Thus, most diamond rings could choose the pointed settings and pay attention to lightweight and solidity.

In addition to this setting, the setting can be designed with a ring arm to present a unique feeling of design.


Paw has a shape round, drop, square, V, heart, double paws, shell, and setting the diamond.

Round insert

Drop shape

Square shape

V shape

Heart shape


Double paws

Setting the diamond

The thousand paws have four, six, twelve, and many paws. According to the shape, size, and whole the style of design.

Ring arm

Apart from the settings, the ring arm is also an important part of a whole style of design. Generally speaking, the round arm can be divided into some basic shapes, such as straight, gradual, forked, spiraled, and crossed.

The shape of the line, the thickness of the ring arm, whether it is carved hollow, whether it is set with diamonds, the method of setting the diamonds, the size and the number of the setting diamonds...these details will make the ring show different textures.


The traditional round arm design

A good design should present beautiful detail in every aspect. In the side view, the ring arm can also display warnings.

surface texture

We can have a sense of design in the easiest mosaic.  All based on this superficial. Presenting the importance of surface texture in the past. Although the common single-color ring, the different textures make the ring feel remarkable.

The color of metal

You also can choose your favorite color for the ring. Plated 24k makes the ring look classic. And 18k feels more light, it presents a sophisticated sense of luxury. If choosing 14k, Gold is relatively light and suitable for some fresh styles.

Designer diamond ring

In a wedding ring with a single main stone, the arrangement and combination of the above six details actually have a wealth of choices. But custom jewelry doesn't stop there. Designers exist to create, not to arrange and combine.

Designers can listen to their client's stories and add a memorable element to a wedding ring. You can boldly use different stones and design different shapes.

Our users are often involved in the design process, describing their own ideas and preferences, which the designer incorporates into the design. A customer said to us: "When you come into contact with private customization, you open the door to a new world, and you can no longer bear those styles that are not designed."

No designs, no jewelry. When you choose a piece of custom jewelry and participate in its design process, you will experience the sense of achievement of painting with stone and depicting the ultimate beauty in a square inch.

Many years later, when you pass the ring on to the next generation, you can also open the jewelry box on a warm afternoon and talk softly to them about the past.

May 29, 2023 — Chloe Palin

We design for life, create for the world.

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