What are Ball back earrings?

The Ball Back Earrings are a new type of ear covering designed. As its words say, the back of this earring is held in place by a sealed ball-like bead that goes behind the earring. As you can imagine, your earring will not sting or prick the skin on the back of your ear when it needs to come in contact with the back of your ear in some specific situations.

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Why do you have to wear Ball back earrings?

Ball back earrings are an extremely popular type of earring. They can be worn by either gender, and they come in a range of different colors, styles and designs.

Ball back earrings are so tiny and cute, and would make your ears look adorable. You won’t be embarrassed if you wear them, but everyone will be jealous. They are so tiny and cute, and can be worn anywhere. You can put them on at any time, and they won’t bother anyone. So don’t worry about people staring at you, and let your tiny ears shine!


New Piercing Guide

Selecting new ball back earrings to add to your piercing is a fun part of getting a new piercing.

If you want to keep your jewelry safe, then avoid putting it on while you're sleeping.

However, when you get a new piercing, you should always keep the ball back earrings in place so that it doesn’t close up.

Sleeping with your earrings in is the only way to ensure that your piercing will heal properly.

Whether or not it is the best way to keep your earring holes open, it can be dangerous if you don't pay attention.

If your earrings get stuck on your pillow, you'll probably end up hurting your piercing.

When it comes to injuries, sometimes, it’s just bad enough to make you need to be taken to the emergency room.

In conclusion, it's the best choice for you to wear ball back earrings for your new piercing. 

If you have pierced ears and are curious about how to sleep with ball back earrings on your new piercings, then keep reading.


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Can you sleep on newly pierced ears?

Yes, you can sleep on newly pierced ears. Typically, if you're just getting them done, they come with hypoallergenic earrings. So you can wear them for several weeks.

You must never take out a new piercing while you're sleeping or even when you're getting dressed, because the skin around the piercing will heal slowly and could open up again if the skin is irritated.

A regular deep tissue massage will relieve tension and prevent muscle spasms. It also helps increase circulation and blood flow.

After you've had your piercing for a while, you may notice that it's a bit uncomfortable and you just need some sleep.

After many nights of sleeping on your freshly pierced ears, be sure to make an appointment with your piercer for cleaning and checkups.

Sleeping with earrings on for an extended period can cause the bars to migrate or change the angles of your earrings.

You should know that earring holes can easily be damaged by this method. In addition to damaging the earring hole, this can also cause your earring to fall out.

This may cause problems for your body as well.

After the angle changes, it may be challenging to find an earring that will sit nicely and flat.

For this reason, it is better to use a travel pillow when sleeping to keep your piercings safe.

You should always keep your body jewelry away from your pillow when you sleep at night. They can cause nasty infections if they get caught in your hair.

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Do you sleep with ball back earrings on when first pierced?

Ear piercing may close up faster than expected, so make sure to wear your first earrings in until they're healed.

The body’s immune system is designed to repair injured tissue as needed, but if you create new tissue without first healing the old, you could wind up with an infection

In fact, you should always keep your earrings on even when first pierced, even when you are sleeping.

The healing process for any kind of piercing, whether a traditional piercing or a tattoo, can vary from person to person, and may depend on the type of piercing you get.

Your ear lobes take about 6-8 weeks to heal, whereas your cartilage takes about 12 weeks to heal successfully.

You should not remove your earrings until your earring holes have healed entirely.

In fact, sometimes your earring holes heal partially or fully in just a matter of hours.

Even if your piercings don't stay open, you shouldn't attempt to remove them or replace them.

This prevents you from introducing bacteria into the piercing.

When you get your piercing, don’t wear it any longer than a day without putting on your jewelry.

It's best to cleanse your piercings with unscented soap and water.

After cleaning your piercing, you can use whatever method is comfortable for you.

You can also apply triple antibiotic ointment using a Q-tip for the first three days, then start using Vaseline for a trouble-free healing process.


When can I sleep on my side after the new piercings?

The answer is simple. You should sleep on your side after piercing for comfort.

Your piercings are likely to heal over your break in a week or two. They might not be the prettiest, but they will look much better.

For a more comfortable night's sleep, place a neck pillow under your head to ensure that your neck is well supported.

You can be creative if sitting in a traditional office chair isn't working out for you.

All in all, you should ensure that your bedding remains clean and fresh, so that your house remains hygienic.

A t-shirt trick will work in this case. All you need to do is to get some white shirts, then use them as pillowcases.


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When can I sleep on my cartilage piercing?

Cartilage piercings usually take between four to eight weeks to heal successfully, so remember that!

As long as you have the appropriate treatment, you can have a cartilage piercing for anywhere from 4-12 months.

Cartilage piercings tend to heal from the outside in, so if your piercings aren't healed by the time your next appointment comes around, you might want to have them checked out

If you want to get your cartilage piercing to heal without a scar, wait until it's fully healed before you put any pressure over it.

When you choose to sleep on your cartilage piercing, you should consider sleeping on your back. 

In this way, you will not tamper so much with the incision because there is less turning back and forth and less rolling.

It can take awhile to get used to sleeping in different positions, but once you do, you'll feel much more relaxed and comfortable when you sleep on your stomach or side.

It’s very important to clean your piercing daily to ensure your earrings are free to move about in your ears. This will prevent your earlobes from drying out.

You should also avoid getting too close to the piercing, and you might want to tie your hair back to keep it out of the area.

Once you've pierced your ears, it's important to research on sleeping positions, and which positions are better for different kinds of earrings.

Doing this helps you practice sleeping in your required position for about two weeks before your new piercing.

This way, you will not have to struggle so much through the healing process.

One of the best things you can do to sleep with new ear piercings is to use a neck pillow while sleeping.

If you have to make do with just the one pillow, don’t fret. Simply put a cloth or towel over it to keep it from getting sweat and soggy.

For those who need cleanliness, you'll want to change your bedding frequently. Especially in the days after you get your new piercing, it may smell a little bit. This can help keep the piercing clean.

Your piercings are really bothering you. They're also causing you pain. You need to consult a physician.

Your new piercing should be comfortable for your lobes and not cause any pain.

If they are painful, chances are that your piercing is infected.

Because of the nickel in your earrings you might have a reaction to them.

Well, if that's the case, then you can also switch to surgical steel which is often hypoallergenic.



Some piercings may take a while to heal completely.

Some piercings may take a long time to heal, but once healed, they'll last forever.

To keep yourself from piercing yourself in awkward ways when your new piercing heals, be sure to assume a specific sleeping position or take on a specific cleansing routine before you get it.

You should wait until your piercing is healed before sleeping on it, no matter how little pain it is causing you.


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