How To Put in Flat Back Earrings

Earrings have become extremely popular over the past few years thanks to their durability, unique designs, and comfort.

That's why so many people are choosing these earrings, as they're so effective and very high-quality.

Screwing these earrings onto your ear can be challenging. If you use the right tools, however, it’s much easier to do.

Flat Back Earrings are a trendy, fun, and versatile accessory. Here's how to make the best of them.

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Hold the back and twist the front of your Flat Back Earrings

The important thing to remember here is that you want to twist the decorative part in the front, not the back.

This is the best approach: hold the flat in place.

Use double-sided sticky tape to get a better grip if you want.

There are two ways to use the back. You can stick the tape on the index finger, and then you can use the tape to grip the back.

It’s okay to wear flat back post earrings all the time, and since they’re comfortable and you can wear them anytime, there’s no need

If you have flat back earrings, you can also remove them using our guide.

On the other hand, screwing them on and tightening them a bit will make a big difference, and you'll find these very comfortable and reliable.


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Hold the front and then guide it into your piercing’s hole

Tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • It’s a good idea to shower before screwing on the Flat Back Earrings.

    The reason behind that is any sign of heat combined with moisture will relax your earlobes.

    If you twist your earring post too much, it is much harder to screw them in.

  • Make sure the earrings are on securely when you wear them so they don't fall off.

    Earrings can't lose resistance over time if used correctly.

    If you want to tighten your buns, it is ideal to tighten them every now and then.

  • Flat Back earrings should be cleaned from time to time.

    Earwax is something you should be careful of. The last thing you want is dust, dirt, or any unwanted compounds to reach your

    We have a guide for cleaning your earrings.

    Good cleaning is important for maintaining a healthy, organized life.

    Ideally, you should clean these once or twice a week, especially if you consistently wear them.


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How do flat backs compare to butterfly earring backs?

The butterfly back is probably the type of earring back that you are most familiar with.

Butterfly back earrings are common because they’re inexpensive to produce and because the backs are easy to replace if they’re lost – which tends to happen quite often.

Stud earrings with flat backs are usually placed on the lobes of your ears, but if the back is shaped differently from the lobes, you can wear them in the back of your ear.

The end of the post is open, so there may be some pain or discomfort when you try to sit down. Be sure to move slowly and carefully.

It's hard to get friction back made from metal that doesn't come apart, so the most common materials are usually gold and silver.

The difference between brass and aluminum is that brass is more expensive, but it’s also hypoallergenic.

If you have sensitive skin, you'll want to steer clear of using brass, however.

This type of earring comes in several different styles.

Some earrings have a hole for a cord or chain to be threaded through the back.

With flat back stud earrings for earlobes, the back of the earring is completely smooth, because the earring’s post is entirely hidden inside the back.

There are many advantages to having a flat back when compared to a traditional butterfly back. For instance, they are easier to maintain and keep clean.

We'll cover all the benefits of organic food in further detail in a moment.

There are two types of flat back earrings how to move: threaded and threadless.

With threadless flat back earrings backs, the back of the earring stays attached to the front by friction.

On the other hand, a threaded back just screws on and off.

Flat-back earrings, whether threaded or threadless, have a high jewelry-wearer satisfaction rating. Here are a few benefits to flat back earrings:

Whether or not you have butterfly back earrings, you'll want to check out these benefits. They include the following:

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What are the benefits of flat back earrings

Do you wear earrings every day?

If you have tried out traditional butterfly earrings, you know how big of a pain they are to wear. Not only do you get poked by the post at night, but you also get poked when you use the phone, touch your ears, or even just lean into your side while sleeping.

Ear piercings are not a joke, even though it's very painful. When done correctly, they can last a lifetime.

Flat back earrings won’t hurt or irritate your ears, and that means you can wear them all day without pain.

Flat backs are also necessary for labret piercings and many types of cartilage piercings.

Of course, there’s one easy way to avoid discomfort associated with wearing earrings: You can remove them at the end of the day.

The same is true with your jewelry box. It's always nice to have access to your favorite earrings, necklaces and bracelets without having to worry that you'll lose them.

These earrings aren’t just great for your everyday wardrobe. But when they get tangled in your hair or caught on your clothing, they won’t fall out.

Flat back earrings for earlobes don’t tend to catch on things, but they can often fall out if they’re not secured firmly enough, or you’re not careful when putting them.

Flat-back earrings are ideal for sensitive skin or allergies.

With a traditional butterfly design, the back of the earring rubs against the back of your earlobe throughout the day.

You need to wash the area as soon as you can after you see the first signs of irritation, redness and itchiness.

The problem is further compounded by earring backs that fit so closely against the ear canal that they trap water and let germs breed. Even people without particularly sensitive skin have to admit that earring backs are terrible when it comes to supporting your headwear.

With flat back earrings in ear, you can wear them without any pain.



You don’t need any special tools to tighten and screw your flat back earrings for lobes into place.

Buy these lovely earrings and you will really spruce up your style and enhance your look. You'll love how you look, even in casual attire.

Earring styles vary by country, region and culture, so there are many different types of earrings.

It’s a fun and certainly something to consider when you're looking to buy new pieces of jewelry!


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Flat back earrings are not only okay for ear lobe piercings, but they are also a great way to dress up your lobes and give them an artistic

If you're tired of sleeping in your earrings, try flat back earrings. They're great to wear, and they won't poke your ears!


The flat backs are as long as the traditional long posts with butterfly backs.

Many piercing studios suggest flat backings for piercing as they create less room for discomfort and infection during the healing process.


Double-sided tape is a great way to help you grip it. It works best if you start with a small piece of double-sided tape and stick it on your index finger, then use the tape to hold the product in place.


It can be difficult to insert a pierced earring because it can be very difficult to get the earring through the hole, or even

The most common cause is simply increased friction between the ear hole and the earring.

This is most easily remedied by putting petroleum jelly on the post of the earring and then inserting it into the ear.


Screw Back Earrings

Earrings with a screw-on or push-on back are the safest kind of earring to wear.

It is made of thread and a screw that is tightened to fit securely into the ear lobe. 


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