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The 19th century is often considered the golden age of jewelry design in England. During that era, Edwardian-style rings were the most popular form of engagement ring. These rings, which were designed to last a lifetime, consisted of large diamonds set in elaborate gold settings. Engagement rings in Edwardian style have been associated with love, romance, and true love. Because of their popularity and simplicity, they became a symbol of love.

Edwardians are a specific style of wedding ring, named after Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert, who wore them. These rings are very different from modern wedding bands, and can be traced back to the early 1800’s. They had a small gold band, made of 24 karat yellow or white gold, around a single band of precious stones. The stones could be diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, or any other precious gemstones. They were always set in the center of the band.



Edwardian jewelry design characteristics

Some other telltale stylistic characteristics of Edwardian jewelry were:


Filigree is a metalworking technique that arranges threads and beads of precious metals into intricate designs, often inspired by nature such as flowers, vines and foliage.

This gorgeous Edwardian filigree ring is a great example of this delicately crafted, delicate, and intricate metalwork and the eye-catching effect it has.

Pave settings

A pave setting is made up of tiny gems or diamonds, set very close together, and held in place by tiny beads of metal.

Once the gems are set, the metal beads disappear into the background, making the stone look like a continuous surface of precious stones.

Bow & garland motifs and large center stones

Bow and garland motifs and large center stones, often encircled by caliber cut stones or small diamonds, are another design feature often seen in Edwardian jewelry.

The style of the period was light and feminine, and it's reflected in these beautiful sapphire and diamond pendants.

Stackable rings and monochrome jewelry

It was also popular in the 1980’s to stack rings, with multiple rings on one finger to create a layered combination of metals and gemstones.

Around 1910, the fashion trend was towards monochrome jewelry, such as diamond rings, platinum necklaces and onyx and black enamel rings.


Amethyst Engagement Ring



Explore the types of bands available

There are three main types of bands that Edwardian rings come in: set, cascade, and half-round. The main differences between them lie in the placement of the stones. Set stones are always placed in the center of the band, while cascade stones are strung along the sides of the band and half-round stones are set in the center of the band and cascaded around the sides. The half-round bands are usually the cheapest, but they tend to be the least attractive.


Classic Blue Sapphire Round Cut Engagement Ring



Consider whether you want to add stones

If you’re thinking about adding stones to your ring designs, think carefully about the purpose you’re trying to achieve. You may want to consider adding stones that add value to the jewelry itself. Some examples include adding a stone of significance or color to a wedding ring. Another example is adding a colored stone to a silver ring that’s designed to hold precious gems, such as emeralds.




The cluster ring looks like a flower, with a large gemstone or diamond in the center surrounded by smaller diamonds, creating a halo-like appearance. It represents perfection, and symbolizes a divine appearance.



A cluster engagement ring is a perfect trend for engagement rings.

You can decide when your engagement ring should come from an era, such as the Victorian era which focused on yellow gold and roses or the Art Deco era which saw a revival of platinum being used in jewelry.

The popularity of the diamond cluster increased greatly during the 1960s and 1970s and is still extremely popular today.

No precious metal is more delicate than rose and yellow gold. All are equally safe for everyday use in a wide range of applications. Platinum is most resistant to tarnish and retains its luster longer than any other precious metal.



The cluster ring that your partner and you have chosen represents the lifetime commitment you have made to each other.

You could use a piece of your birthstone in the center of your ring.



If you love the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, then you can rest assured that your stunning cluster ring is the favorite of many Hollywood celebrities as well.

They flaunt their rings while floating down the red carpet. The top names include Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, Katherine Heigl, and Amy Adams.


Elegant Aquamarine Blue Cushion Cut Engagement Ring



How to Choose a Cluster Ring?

A diamond cluster ring is practical and can be a great choice for those who want something to last a lifetime.

Most cluster rings are made from different eras in history and feature a variety of shapes including marquis cut, pear cut, rubies, sapphires or emeralds.

Whether you’re looking for a large ring that resembles a halo or just a simple “big” ring, you’ll definitely find one that suits your style.
Following is a list of cluster rings from different eras with a description of their appearance:

Georgian (1714 to 1837)

Cluster rings often resembled roses, and had a round-shaped centerpiece, which was often blackened metal, and they had an intricate design with a mix of colored gemstones to enhance the unique look of each ring.

In ancient times, metalwork was prominent, and relatively few numbers of gemstones were found in clusters, which made the designs of ring designs of this time relatively simple, compared to the ring designs of today.


Victorian (1837 to 1901) 

With the era of growth and development comes the age of development. This age is marked by the innovations and inventions that are made. Innovations such as various machines and the invention of electricity were revolutionary changes in the world.

It was during this period that jewelry making techniques were greatly improved, such as the metalwork of cluster rings being made daintier and more fragile, and gemstones being set closer together than they were in previous years.

Whilst these rings are typical of the Victorian era, the clusters have become more rounded, and this is believed to be the original form of cluster rings which evolved into the rings of the various subsequent eras.

Edwardian (1901 to 1910) 

Jewelry designs were evolving in the early 20th century. A short period of time later, Edwardian rings would be even more ethereal than before.

This period is known as “the Victorian Era” and the jewelry produced during this time is highly influenced by Queen Victoria’s love of flowers.

With this trend having been around since the 1800s, it’s no surprise that there has been a resurgence in people wearing classic flower-themed rings.

Jewlery of this era, for the first time, used platinum, and because of its durability and strength compared to gold, jewelers were allowed to create designs more intricate than they ever had before. A few of the most exquisite jewels of this era are Millegrain, those small platinum beads that make their designs look even more intricate.

Art Deco (1913 to 1930)

This era symbolized the beginning of a new and better age for humankind.

The organic naturalism of the early 20th century was replaced by geometric shapes, and fearless boldness taking over from the graceful lines of the past.

Cluster rings became a popular trend in the 1980’s.

Clean lines are fashionable, with gemstones being set as close as possible to each other, leaving little space in between.

Halo Birthstones Women Ring


Edwardian-era rings tend to be large, opulent, and stacked designs were popular.

Many rings were made from precious metals, such as gold or platinum. They often had diamond-encrusted surfaces for additional sparkle.

This ring is a true work of art, displaying the elegance and grace of the Edwardian era, and its history as well.


Sapphires, rubies, and onyx were often featured in Edwardian designs as well. Delicate touches of flowing shapes are found throughout pieces from this period.

This ring is edged with delicate milgrain.

A cluster ring is a ring that features a central diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. It is considered one of the most expensive and glamorous engagement rings.

The pattern surrounding the center diamond indicates that the four diamonds are actually part of a single large, very-wide diamond.


A halo engagement ring usually surrounds the engagement ring with a ring of smaller diamonds, where the little diamonds blend together.

A cluster ring uses a frame made of large stones that make each individual gem distinctive.

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