How to sum up a dream or aspiration in a single breath? Often times if they can be uttered and put into words then they are trampled by the hearers. Sometimes they are just feelings that linger in your mind consciously or unconsciously. But blessed are those that can not only put them into words but also bring them to fruition. That is the true reaping of the fruit.

What was the reaction given to the Wright brothers when learning to fly?

If humans were meant to fly then we would have wings.

What of the moon landings?

If we were supposed to go to the moon then we should have been born there. What of Bitcoin? No one will accept weird electronic internet money.

I am seeing a pattern.

The dreamers have come out on top.

From what I have seen in my own life than the dreamers always come out on top.

Because they are the ones who push ingenuity and innovations.

History and the lives of people have never and will never be changed by those who care about other peoples’ current perspectives on limitations and possibilities.

The projection of their fear is a true projection of their being.

The truth is being so in tune with your dreams or aspirations is so difficult because of all the noise of those who will try to disrupt your symphony.

Rollins Royale was created for royals, they are those who follow the beat of their own drum, break new ground, and question the established and possibly outdated ways of thinking. This world needs a lot of changes to make it closer to paradise, these changes start with us.

September 09, 2021 — Joanne Seymour

We design for life, create for the world.

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