The color of the ring setting is partitioned into white gold, gold, and rose gold.
Zircon has a high reflectivity.
The numerous features of the precious stone resemble little mirrors that can mirror the encompassing things,
 including the color of the shank and prongs.
Therefore, the color of the shank will affect the color of the zircon.
Colored metals are combined with colorless zircon
because they are still prominent inside.
However, this will add some color to the stone.
Suitable settings for purple zircon:
When the purple zircon is the main stone,
A white gold or platinum setting can be used to highlight its color.
In addition, it is rare to see purple zircon inlaid in a gold setting.
A suitable setting for blue zircon:
Blue zircon are usually set in white gold settings
to accentuate their charming blue effect.
Red gems can be paired with white gold or platinum
to highlight their colors, or with gold or rose gold ring,
settings to achieve complementary colors.
If you would rather not reflect more color to the zircon,
it is ideal to pick white gold.
On the other hand, choose white gold metal,
which is related to durability.
White gold lasts longer than gold or rose gold,
ensuring that the setting will wear out slowly.
November 05, 2021 — Erica Zheng

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