You probably hate it when your finger rings slip off and you can’t find it. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to remove the stuck ring, then you’re in luck! And when that happens, you may find yourself wondering, How am I going to get this stuck ring off? You can’t pull it off or push it off, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to remove it. we are going to show you how to use the Ring Cutter to remove a stuck ring quickly and easily.

Grinding ring cutter

With the continuous development of the world's industry, there are various circular cutters, most of which are used in fire protection and medical treatment, as well as small cutters for furniture. Among them are the following 2 kinds of cutters that we can use at home


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Manual Ring Spreader:

Insert the expansion pliers into both sides of the ring, and stretch the broken ring;

Put your hand on the pick, file slowly with a small three-edged file until it reaches a certain level, hold your hand down, and gently pull it up with needle-nose pliers to a certain level, then file off the sharp part, continue to flatten and slowly File, when there is a little bit left, directly press the tip of the pliers into your finger, clamp the remaining part, and take it out by twisting it gently. The opponent suffers severe damage.


When the ring is about to be cut off with a cutting machine, the ring will produce elastic deformation, which hinders normal cutting. At this time, use a file to make small cuts to the remaining part.

In conclusion, the best way to remove a stuck ring is to use a grinding ring cutter to grind off the old metal. This can cause a lot of metal dust, which is unhealthy for the lungs and can be very dangerous. That said, if the ring is only stuck on a surface, you can use a diamond ring cutter to pry it off. Make sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes and a mask to cover your mouth.


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Cleaning the cutting surface

One of the most overlooked and critical parts of cleaning up your workspace is your cutting surface. You must clean the surface of the cutter before cutting to avoid unnecessary infection during injury.

Other methods of removing rings

Soapy water/Dishwashing liquid

If the ring cannot be removed, you can wash your hands with soap and detergent. Soak your fingers in soapy water/detergent water. After your fingers are fully moisturized, slowly turn the ring to remove it.

Hand cream

If the ring cannot be removed, you can use hand cream. Apply the hand cream on the finger wearing the ring to lubricate the finger and reduce resistance. Then cover the ring with cotton cloth and straighten the finger. Pull the ring out forcefully.

Many household products for skin care, such as lotions and creams, can be used as lubricants to allow you to remove the ring without any damage.

Lubricating oil

If your skin is damaged or scratched, choose your lube wisely, apply a larger dose to the knuckles of your hands, and gently pull the ring off your finger by turning the ring back and forth.

It is very necessary to turn the ring back and forth as you pull!

Cold water method

Did you feel it? Your rings are looser in winter than they are in hot weather.

Therefore, you can use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, soak your hands in cold water, put your hands in cold water, and leave them for a few minutes.

Of course, this method is only suitable for high-temperature weather such as summer.


Implementation steps:

1. Pass the cotton thread through the ring. You can use needles, toothpicks, and small steel pieces to help you wear them.

2. Wrap your fingers with cotton thread until it passes your knuckles. Wrap around your fingers, but not too tight and not too loose.

3. Pull the cotton thread that goes through the ring, and your ring will go out until you can take it off.

4. If the ring is only partly out, please repeat the above steps from the position of your ring.

Note: This method should be used early, and it should be used immediately before the fingers are seriously swollen.


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Effects of long-term stuck rings on the body

Generally speaking, the hazard of wearing a ring that is too tight is to affect the blood circulation and muscle growth of the finger. As a result, the fingers become deformed, and even local necrosis and other consequences. So I am wearing it, we should discover this situation in time, and then make an improvement. Below we will bring you in detail what harm will happen if the ring is worn tightly.

1. Affect blood circulation

Every part of our human body has many capillaries, and the blood circulates all the time. If the ring is worn too tightly, it will affect the blood circulation of the finger. Prompts blood circulation and causes diseases of the fingers.

2. Let the fingers deform

Wearing a ring that is too tight for a long time not only affects blood circulation but also affects muscle growth and development. The muscles of the part wearing the ring will atrophy, the fingers will become deformed, and even the fingers will be partially necrotic.

3. Prone to allergies

If the ring is too tight and the skin will have excessive friction, resulting in itchy finger skin, or blisters, the skin will become very fragile over time.

4. Not easy to remove

If the ring is worn too tightly, the most direct harm is that it is not easy to remove. The part of the finger where the ring is worn is thinner than other parts. After wearing it for a long time, the ring is very difficult to remove.




Rings of different materials have different effects on the body:

Iron, aluminum, and alloy rings are likely to cause adverse reactions such as allergies, dermatitis, redness, and even skin ulcers. It is best to choose rings made of jade, agate, pure gold, sterling silver, pearl, and crystal.

1. Gold.

Gold has an anti-oxidation effect, can inhibit the body from producing a large number of peroxides and free radicals, reduce the invasion of harmful substances, has a certain anti-aging effect, and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the facial skin.

2. Jade.

Jade contains a lot of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc. Wearing jade can make trace elements absorbed by human skin, activate cell tissues, and improve human immune function. Wearing jade for a long time, the trace elements in jade will slowly be absorbed by the human body to achieve health care.

3. Silver.

Silver can accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, purify water, and preserve freshness. Therefore, wearing sterling silver jewelry frequently can not only help the toxins in the body to be effectively discharged but also play a role in the timely testing of whether there are too many toxins in the body. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that silver has the effects of "relieving the five internal organs, calming the mind, treating palpitations, strengthening bones, calming the heart, and improving eyesight".

4. Pearl.

The main components of pearls are protein, calcium carbonate with aragonite structure, more than 20 kinds of trace elements, and vitamin B. The effect of wearing pearls: In terms of physical properties, pearls are very compatible with human skin.

It is a famous and precious traditional Chinese medicine. It has excellent health care and health effects when taken internally and externally. After the amino acids and trace elements contained in it contact human skin, they will accelerate the decomposition of nutrients in pearls through the action of sweat, and enter the bottom layer from the surface of the skin. Works on the whole body.

5. Crystal.

Natural crystal has a special "piezoelectric effect". After the defect-free crystal single crystal is processed into jewelry and worn on the human body, the friction with the human body can generate a weak electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field has the functions of stabilizing emotions, promoting the concentration of human body capabilities, reducing pain and tension of patients, and improving the recovery speed of memories.

Contains some trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, such as iron, copper, manganese, titanium, zinc, cobalt, selenium, etc. These trace elements will invade the human body along the capillary sweat glands through frequent friction with the human body to promote the balance of trace elements in the body so that the various parts of the body are more coordinated.

6. Agate

Insisting on wearing agate has the advantage of regulating mood. When people wear agate, agate will have a certain impact on the magnetic field of the human body, which will release the pressure and burden suppressed in the heart, relieve their nervousness and irritability, and make people feel better. Become more pleasant, and you can relax yourself better.

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The hardness of rings made of different materials

Contemporary rings can be said to be rich in styles and materials, among which the most popular are gold, platinum, diamond, emerald, and pearl.

1. Gold

Gold is a rare precious metal, its texture is relatively soft, its color is golden yellow, and it has good corrosion resistance. Gold is relatively easy to process, and can be processed into various styles to create exquisite gold ornaments. At present, there are red gold and pure gold, color gold, mixed color gold, K gold, etc. in the market, among which the purity of red gold and pure gold is relatively high; Metal; mixed color gold refers to gold mixed with other metals; K gold is gold containing silver and copper.

2. 18K gold

gold is a rare precious metal, its texture is relatively soft, the color is golden yellow, and it has good corrosion resistance. 18K gold is an alloy with a gold content of at least 75%, and the remaining 25% of precious metals include platinum, nickel, silver, palladium, etc. The texture of 18K gold is not as soft as pure gold. Compared with gold, it has better ductility and hardness, and the color can also be changed, which can create more creative styles.

3. Platinum

platinum is a natural pure white precious metal, known as the king of precious metals, it is characterized by purity, eternity, and rarity, it will never fade, it will not be damaged when worn, and it is a precious metal that is highly sought after by the royal family. In addition, the precious metal has very good melting resistance, and good ductility, and is chemically stable even at high temperatures.

4. Jadeite

jadeite is a fibrous aggregate composed of pyroxene minerals mainly composed of jadeite minerals. Jade usually comes in blue, green, red, brown, etc., among which emerald green is the highest quality. Jadeite is easy to break due to excessive external force, so be careful not to hit it when wearing it.

When choosing to wear a ring, you must choose the appropriate ring, and it is best not to be too hard to make cutting difficult. Because when using tools to destroy a ring, the most fearful thing is to encounter a ring made of too hard material. Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the tools for destruction. Therefore, in addition to protecting the skin inside the ring during the destruction process, it is also an option to make a gap in the ring first, and then destroy it with a more suitable tool along the gap.




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