Introducing Imperial, the first collection by Nathaniel Rollins. It is also the first collection by his brand Rollins Royale. Which has been brought and envisioned to bring royalty to the people. 
Intended for those with a lion's heart, each piece has been delicately designed to endow the bearer with strength. Long ago passports and ID cards weren't invented, the way one could recognize a royal figure was by their crown. The current impracticality of wearing crowns has led to this inspired collection. We don't believe one piece is enough, you will certainly want more. 
Many things in life give us tell us we are not special or unique. From the mindset of a child growing up to learn his special snowflake of himself is just the same as the many others. The differential is in the difference, find solace in this definition. Crown yourself with Imperial as the sovereign ruler of your unique being and start becoming that being. 
Designed with the timeless idea of the classic tennis bracelets, the Imperial collection is born to be worn in all settings from formal to casual. Let your pride shine.