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Life With MaK Honeycomb & “Bee” kind Jewelry Set

Life With MaK’s Honeycomb & “Bee” Kind Jewelry Set

ASMR creator on YouTube, Account name: "Life with MaK" who is often seen eating and making tingle-inducing sounds in her videos. She has accumulated more than 1.6 million subscribers on her channel. She is also a model and an actress. Her first video to go “viral” was her eating raw honeycomb in her bedroom. This video is what inspired her first personally inspired and co-designed jewelry collection. Her viral raw honeycomb video accumulated more than 14 million views. 

Her love for ASMR, fashion, and aesthetics led her down the jewelry avenue.

Simplistic, wearable, and definitely Instagram aesthetic pleasing Life With MaK Honeycomb & “Bee” Kind collection is on a mission to define ‘understated beauty’. 

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More About Life With Mak

Makenna Kelly, known by her online Youtuber account name: "Life with MaK," is an 18-year-old American renowned for her ASMR videos. Standing at a height of 5' 6½" (1.69 m), she hails from Fort Collins, Colorado. Makenna initially joined YouTube in November 2017, but her first upload didn't occur until March 2018. Her ASMR content encompasses a variety of genres, including roleplays, mukbangs, and product reviews.

During mid-2018, Makenna garnered significant attention when she became an internet meme. One of her ASMR videos, titled 'ASMR ~ Eating BURSTING BOBA | Popping Sounds,' has amassed over 3.8 million views. However, in November 2018, her YouTube channel faced a temporary deletion due to "unusual activity" detected on her account. Following an appeal, her account and videos were reinstated a few days later.

On June 9, 2019, Makenna briefly departed from YouTube after most of her videos were deleted. However, she made a comeback on June 17, returning to the platform. It is worth noting that her real name is Makenna, and the abbreviation "MaK" not only represents her name but also symbolizes Meaning, Acceptance, and Kindness.

Primarily focusing on ASMR content, Makenna's Flight Attendant, Dentist, Police Officer, and Waitress roleplay videos have each amassed over 1 million views. Additionally, she is a proud owner of a cat named Agatha. In December 2018, Makenna had the opportunity to appear as a guest on fellow YouTuber Logan Paul's podcast, Impulsive.

Fortune smiled upon her, and before long, she amassed a dedicated following eagerly awaiting her videos, where she ventured into the realm of new objects, culinary delights, and various household items. Kelly's content creation journey escalated rapidly, leading her to publish up to three videos per week. Within a span of fewer than two years since her debut, her subscriber count soared to an impressive one million. This accomplishment propelled her into the spotlight, with numerous news websites featuring her and successful YouTubers seeking interviews with her.

Currently, Kelly enjoys widespread popularity on both Instagram and YouTube, boasting a remarkable following of over 1.5 million subscribers. As a recognized social media influencer, she collaborates with diverse brands and companies. Her influence has even earned her a spot on Teen Vogue's prestigious "21 under 21" list, solidifying her status as a rising star in the industry.

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Also Known As: Makenna Kelly
Family: Siblings: Brogan

Life with MaK started as a regular school-going student with a desire to carve out her own space on the internet. In November 2017, she convinced her father to create a YouTube channel for her, without any grand expectations of it becoming a global sensation. However, when Makenna discovered the fascinating world of ASMR, she realized her deep intrigue for it and decided to focus exclusively on ASMR content for her channel. With her mother's permission and thorough research on the subject, she began uploading videos progressively.

During this time, ASMR and dedicated ASMR channels were gaining popularity. Videos featuring sounds like chewing, whispering, and focused sound triggers went viral, accompanied by scientific explanations. Makenna entered the scene at the right time. Her first video, 'Tasting Food from Around the World,' garnered over 80,000 views, encouraging her to continue.

Soon enough, Makenna accumulated a loyal following on her channel, attracting hundreds of fans. She diversified her content with videos such as 'ASMR ~ Ramen Mukbang | No Talking,' 'ASMR ~ Tapping On NEW Items,' 'Spend The Day With Me! + My Skincare Routine | VLOGMAS DAY 1,' and '100+ TRIGGERS IN 1 MINUTE.' However, her most popular video was one where she ate raw honeycomb. The video spread like wildfire, amassing a staggering 12 million views and earning her numerous new subscribers.

However, YouTube intervened, considering the video inappropriate for her age, temporarily disabling her channel. Undeterred, Makenna decided to comply with the rules. Her popularity continued to soar, leading to collaborations with brands and fashion companies, elevating her social media presence. Currently, she boasts over 1.5 million subscribers and more than 126 million total views.

In November 2018, Makenna made headlines when she was featured in Teen Vogue's "21 under 21" list, recognizing her popularity and passion. Apart from that, she has appeared as a celebrity guest on various YouTube channels, Colorado's Channel 2 Daybreak News, and has received constant media coverage.

Beyond YouTube, Makenna has also gained significant popularity on Instagram. She regularly engages with her fans, shares behind-the-scenes photos, collaborates with international brands, and maintains a positive vibe throughout her feed. With over 480K followers, she has even inspired fan accounts dedicated to her. Achieving remarkable milestones at a young age, Makenna undoubtedly has a bright future as a social media influencer. Currently, she is a student at Preston Middle School and plans to complete her education before pursuing a career in acting or modeling.

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