What Makes Sun and Moon Jewelry Unique?

There are many different designs available for sun and moon matching rings jewelry, so check out this selection.

People often ask if there are specific attributes that set their matching moon and sun rings apart from others.

The sun and the moon are always around us, but that doesn't mean they're always visible.

The sun and moon jewelry set are the shape of the sky and can add to any kind of jewelry.


The Sun as a Cultural Symbol

The sun has always been associated with light, vigor, power, glory and life. It’s the source of all that we see.

Rulers of the past have used the sun as symbol to burnish their own power and authority.

The Incas believed that the sun god Inti was the ancestor of the Incan royalty.

Japan’s Imperial Family is descended from Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Here is what I think it is:

This is one of the most famous statements in English because it reveals the arrogance of the French government towards the people they were supposed to rule.

If you have ever taken a walk at night under the full moon, you probably thought of the sun, not the moon, as the source of light.

Hittite goddess of the sun, of fertility, and of healing was worshipped in many cultures.

Celtic peoples believed that the god of sunshine, Belenos (Belenos), drove away the predawn mists each day, and likewise could melt away disease from the sick.


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The sun god was thought to travel across the heavens in a chariot or boat.

When the sun is high in the sky, people often feel as though they’re on an adventure.

The Greek sun god Helios drove his fiery chariot through the heavens by day and each night he floated back across the ocean in a golden bowl.

Ra, the Egyptian sun god, journeyed across the sky. At night he visited the underworld to visit the dead.

For the Egyptians each sunrise was a celebration of the eternal return and a sacred victory of life and light over death and darkness.

It’s very common in many cultures around the world to associate the Sun with masculinity, and this is most definitely true in Hindu tradition.

Although the Sun has a masculine side in our world, in other cultures it is considered feminine. To the Maori, Japanese, Cherokee, and Teutonic cultures, the Sun is considered feminine.


The Moon as a Cultural Symbol

Waxing and waning are characteristic of the moon’s cycle of phases.

Time and change are represented by the moon throughout various cultures and traditions.

The Death of a Salesperson is one of the best books on leadership and sales.

In Polynesian tradition, the moon is the goddess Hina, who’s the creator.

The moon in ancient Persia was called Metra, the mother of the world.

These creation myths contrast with other cultures in which the moon was associated with destruction and death. In most cultures around the world, the Moon was personified as a deity or spirit that symbolized the source of life.

They believed Mictecacuiatl hunted victims to eat across the night skies.

The moon is often associated with rebirth.

The ancient Hindus believed that the souls of the dead traveled to the moon to await rebirth.

The moon has always held an important place in human life and culture. Indigenous tribes have worshiped the moon and the cycles of nature since their earliest memories.


How the Sun and Moon Relate to Each Other

The sun and the moon are frequently paired together in mythology. In some mythologies, the moon and sun are siblings.

If you know the Greek sun god Apollo, you will know his twin sister Artemis, who is also the goddess of the moon.

The sun and the moon are an important part of Germanic mythology.


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Five-and-seven-star symbols are powerful signs. They show guidance that is leading you in the right direction.

The Victorians wore necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even rings of nails during the Victorian era because they believed that these items would protect them from evil.


Sterling Silver Crescent Moon and Star Ring Adjustable Moon Ring



Victorian stars often had old-cut diamonds set into their earlobes, which made them easy to wear and helped with direction.

They sometimes had moonstone centers so they were set to have positive energy.

When they were originally discovered, people believed that the moonstone was responsible for bringing good fortune to the wearer and protecting them from harm.


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The gold sun ring represents the power of life and light.

The word KARMA is associated with strength, energy and the power we can find within ourselves.

This pattern is an early-20th-century version of the sun motif.

During the early 1900s, and after, in many different ways; some sun and moon ring from the British, and a few others, and some American, also.

Jewelry markets have seen the introduction of rings. They were yet another twist on the classic Sun, Moon and Stars jewelry theme.


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