What is Sterling Silver?

A blend of silver and copper is called sterling silver. This combination of sterling silver with an alloy is known as sterling silver. This process is done because pure silver is a very soft metal that wouldn't stand up to time. A more durable alloy is used to make silver. It’s more durable than sterling silver. This coin has 92.5% pure silver in it, the balance being copper. Copper is a solid metal. If you want it really strong, you just need a little bit. Pure silver is stronger than sterling silver, but it scratches and tarnishes over time. Oxygen and Copper react together over time, in normal or accelerated conditions. We suggest storing your jewelry in a cool and dry place, ideally in a sealed bag. If your jewelry is stored in a humid environment (or near plants), it may speed up the tarnishing process.


What is in our Sterling Silver?

Our sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver and copper. We do not combine our alloys with nickel. Our alloy is made in-house and by the selected local suppliers that we trust and have established relationships with. All our products are manufactured in Montreal, we don’t import any of our products.


Is Sterling Silver safe for Piercings and Septums?

Sterling silver is harder to clean than other types of jewelry, so you need to maintain it properly or it will tarnish. Sterling silver tarnishes and oxidizes when exposed to the air due to the contact of the small amount of copper in the alloy and oxygen.

As septums are in a high oxygen area, they tarnish faster than jewelry made from different alloys in different regions (rings, earrings, pendants, and others). To remove the tarnish from silver, use a cloth or cotton and some friction.

Not every piercing is suitable for every ear or earring, so it pays to be sure your ears are suitable for the piercing and earring you want to have. When you’re using fresh pierced holes, you need to be careful not to put anything in them that’s too sharp or that could cause an infection.

We recommend wearing your piercings in an established and healed piercing, and ideally, an established and healed hole. It's true what they say: the way you care for your piercings will determine the longevity of the piercing.

All-natural sterling silver is hypo-allergenic for earrings and ear piercings. It would be best if you were careful when you try to re-open a healed piercing in order to prevent infection. To select an option that is more suitable for your health, you should be aware of your body's mental tolerances. If you aren't sure about whether to go with 14K or 18K gold, please consider our sterling silver wire option.




Why do we use Sterling Silver?

We prefer sterling silver as it is a high-quality metal with great properties to work artisanal with. Silver is a metal that is affordable for jewelers, and it’s safe to sell it at the friendliest price. All our jewel creations are created from scratch. We take great pride in keeping all our creations made in-house, with modern and traditional techniques.

Nose rings have been around for centuries. And they are currently soaring in popularity. And can you wear nose rings as earrings? It turns out that, strangely enough, yes you can. Both a nose ring and an earring can be worn on the face. One of them serves a purpose that the other doesn't, and vice versa. Nose rings usually come in a range of materials and can be adorned with gems or charms. For one thing, they're usually smaller than regular earrings, so they can fit comfortably into your ear piercing.

In addition, nose rings are usually made from thinner wire, which makes them more comfortable for you to wear inside your ear. You can use a nose ring as an earring, by simply removing the metal clip and inserting it into your earlobe. This is an easy way to make your nose ring look a bit less out of place. Just gently bend the wire into shape. Next time I can’t find my earrings, I’ll grab my nose ring and get really creative.

You'll find in this blog post simple ways to turn your nose ring into earrings, and how to take good care of both your nose and ear piercings. Let's start with the basics. We've got a lot of topics to cover, so we need to jump right in.


Why Would You Want to Use Nose Rings as Earrings?

You can use nose rings as earrings if you want! That's right — they really do look good. We want to talk about the benefits of wearing a nose ring as earrings. Why should you buy earrings for your ears and nose rings for your nose? When you have bought a nose ring, and it doesn’t fit how you’d hoped, the first thing you need to do is to decide whether or not you can still wear it as an earring even though it was originally a necklace.

Whether you want to buy a nose ring for the first time or want to get your old, loose, flaky nose ring fixed, this guide will answer all your questions. Many people think nose rings are more comfortable to wear than earrings. If you want to change your look but don’t want to commit to a new piercing, nose rings are an easy way to achieve this. Get money-saving deals if you’ve got extra nose rings lying around.


Sterling Silver Beaded Hoop Nose Ring



So, Can You Use Nose Rings as Earrings?

If nose rings can be used as earrings, then yes, they are safe to be used as earrings. There are two primary types of nose rings. Inserted through the nostrils, or the septum. Septum piercings are risky because they are pierced into a sensitive area of cartilage. They should be done by a certified piercer or by a doctor.

It’s important to use high-quality earrings, be sure to only get them pierced by a professional, and follow proper aftercare for your piercing. You can use nose rings as earrings after proper care. Yes, you can! But before you go ahead and stick your nose ring up your ear, there are a few things you need to know.

Earrings with the right type of earring pin and ear lobe should be worn. If they are too large, or if they don't fit properly, they can cause discomfort. A good rule of thumb is that for nose studs, the bigger the gauge, the higher the quality of the metal. Earrings should be about the same size as the hole in the ear. Yet, if your nose ring has a heavy gauge or is made of a certain type of metal, it may not be safe to wear in your ears. Whether you want to get a piercing for the first time or are looking to change an existing piercing, it's important to know what to do. You'll need to check with a professional piercer before putting any jewelry into a new piercing. This is because bacteria can build up on jewelry, which can lead to infections. You should give your nose ring a good clean with some antibacterial soap before putting it in your ear.


Trendolla Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Genuine Nose Ring



Can Earrings Be Used as Nose Rings?

Does anyone know if nose rings can be used as earrings? You already know by now that the answer is yes. Earrings have only recently become a widespread fashion trend. They date back to the ancient world, where they were traditionally worn as adornments for the ears, but are becoming more and more popular in today's culture. Earrings and nose rings are essentially the same thing — they’re just two different ways to adorn the body in a beautiful way. Yes, you can use earrings as nose rings.

Many people who have their noses pierced also choose to get their ears pierced so that they can wear interchangeable nose rings and earrings. You’re more than welcome to have your nose pierced with an earring. Just make sure that your nostril is fully healed before you begin wearing your earring in your nose. Earrings that are made from materials other than stainless steel or titanium should be considered a personal choice. Some people are not comfortable wearing earrings that have sharp edges and pointed tips, and some women may choose to avoid wearing such earrings on their noses. Choose your earrings carefully if your goal is to wear them in your nose, too.

Make sure you pick an earring that’s the right size. If the gauge of your ear piercing is too small, then your nose ring may close up if you wear it in your nose. Why would this happen? Your body might perceive the placement of the new earring as a wound and work to heal it by sealing it up. This is where proper aftercare really makes a huge difference. It is important to research and understand all the risks involved before putting your earring as a nose ring for this purpose. With these considerations in mind, there is no reason why you can't enjoy wearing both earrings and nose rings.


Why We Recommend Sticking with the Jewelry’s Intended Purpose

Whether you're trying to improve your style or are simply looking to add a splash of class to your wardrobe, jewelry is always the best choice. It can be used as a versatile tool that can be used for many different purposes. For example, many people use nose rings as makeshift earrings when they can't find their actual earrings.

There are several ways to go about doing this, but we recommend using this method for the most versatile options. Wear your nose rings and earrings in your nose and ears. You don’t need to get creative with your jewelry; just stick with its intended purpose. Your ears and your skin are in the best shape they've been in years.



Can Nose Rings Be Used as Earrings? Closing Thoughts

You might be thinking about getting your first nose ring but wondering if it can also be used as an earring. If they're both pierced, why wouldn't you get them both at once? It’s not that simple. Some earrings and nose rings are made of different materials. If you've got a good reason to wear a nose ring, make sure you wear it in a manner.

It's a good idea to use earrings that don't have materials that cause an allergic reaction when they're used in the ear. Women’s jewelry comes in different sizes, and that includes earrings and nose rings. The standard stud for a nose piercing is typically made from a smaller gauge than that used for earrings. A nose ring that's a little too tight for your ear can affect your appearance and make the nose ring uncomfortable, but if it fits well, it won't hurt you.

You should take into account the differences between nose rings and earrings before deciding whether you want to get a nose ring as well as an earring. Earrings come in a variety of styles, and most can be modified to fit different ear sizes. There are many different gauges of earrings. You'll have to select the right size for your ears. Your nose will look a lot better if you use the right jewelry. If you're looking for something to make a statement, you may want to consider a nose ring instead of earrings. You’d be amazed at how wearing a nose ring in your ear looks so cool, even if you don't have a piercing of that kind. You might just have a new fashion-forward jewelry line.

Trendolla jewelry wants you to feel confident wearing your fashion statements wherever you go. That’s why we offer a range of diamond nose rings that can also be worn as earrings.

This is our versatile nose ring, available in three different shades to fit every mood. It adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. You can't get better than this!


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