Fidget jewelry can help neurodiverse people who are suffering from anxiety, autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and more, cope with the stress of everyday life.

People who own fidget toys find that these items also meet their sensory and motor needs, which are often neglected in adulthood.

Fidget jewelry is the perfect way to stim when you need to but don’t want to.

The wearable fidgets we’ve chosen for this list are all attractive, practical, and designed by independent jewelry makers.


Neurodiversity and Sensory Needs

"Neurodiversity" is an umbrella term for people who perceive the world in a unique way because of our developmental and/or mental health conditions.

Neurodivergent people are not broken. They just are different. Being neurodivergent is hard because the world isn’t designed for our sensory needs.

Neurodivergent people have differences in their sensory processing compared to neurotypical folks.

Many of us are hyper-sensitive — loud noises are painful to our ears, tags in clothing are scratchy, and bright and flashing lights hurt our eyes.

If you're like many people, you want a change of scenery or a diversion. You may enjoy visiting different places, trying new foods, or experiencing different experiences.


Understanding Fidgeting / Stimming 

Stimming is a natural way for human beings to manage sensory needs and intense emotions.

Stim activities include hand flapping, foot tapping, spinning, and more. Autistic people may stim to cope with stress and sensory overload, and they may also stim to feel joy or experience pleasant sights, sounds, and feelings.

People with ADHD often find it difficult to concentrate, so it can be useful for them to do something that requires physical activity.

People who suffer from PTSD and anxiety disorders may find that particular feelings help them get through their episodes. For example, they might need to feel like they're grounded or in a cave.

People with body-focused repetitive disorders have done these sometimes-harmful stims to cope with anxiety and stress.

No one needs to be diagnosed with a developmental disability or mental health condition to benefit from fidget jewelry.

Fidget toys have normalized fidgeting, which is helping to normalize neurodiversity and neurotypical people.

There are many forms of stimming and fidgeting that are considered normal and should be encouraged. Neurotypical children and adults often suffer from bullying for the way they stim or fidget.

There are many forms of therapy that claim to help autistic and neurodivergent people, such as ABA, but many of them instead suppress natural, harmless stims to make autistic and neurodivergent people seem more typical.

Some children may have a difficult time calming down and focusing on the task at hand, so they begin to engage in self-injurious behaviors like biting their fingernails or scratching their skin. Fidget jewelry can help children stim in healthy ways when they become stressed or need to calm down.

Autistic and ADHD people can benefit from the Fidget Necklace by allowing them to feel more in control of their lives and express themselves.

When fidget necklace is worn, the wearer experiences a calming effect that may be due to the fidgeting itself or the symbolic meaning of the fidgeting.

Everyone should take advantage of this chance!


Sterling Silver Rotatable Windmill Pendant Necklace Fidget Necklace



Choosing the Right Fidget Jewelry for Your Needs

If you don’t already own fidget jewelry, or you’re not sure which types of fidgets would help you address your stimming needs, here are some things to consider:

Choose items that mimic this, such as hair bands or hair rollers that allow you to twirl your hair.

It can be difficult to replace bad habits and self-injurious behavior. This article can help.

Select a fidget that replicates the action or movement in a way that doesn't harm you. For example, you can use one that you can pick at if you're a skin picker.

The answer to your question is: whatever is appropriate to the situation.

We all have a favorite fabric or material that makes us feel comfortable. Whether you're into flannel, silk, cotton, linen, microfiber, fleece, or other types of fabric or materials, we can help you find them all.

When it comes to choosing a fidget, the first and foremost thing is to choose something that you love. It should be something that you need and is something you would wear even if it wasn’t fidget-related.

Where do you need to feel fidgety the most? Choose jewelry that fits in with the setting and doesn't make a lot of noise.

There is nothing shameful about having sensory needs, but if you’re in public, it’s best to not distract others who may also have difficulty focusing or coping with visual and auditory stimuli.

This list includes a large assortment of jewelry, including items that may read “for autism” or “for anxiety.

Try out some different items until you find the products that work best for you.


Fidget Necklace We Recommend

There are so many fidget toys and jewelry pieces for kids.

This is how adults with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) feel most of their life.

We don't stop needing to feel, see, taste, hear, smell, and touch just because we're adults.

Many neurotypical adults are plagued by anxiety disorders or even realize that they are neurodivergent and they desperately want to find things to help them cope, but all they find is loads of neon

Here's a quick tip for finding adult fidget jewelry: You're searching for fidget jewelry that's appropriate for adults of all genders.

All of the items in this set are elegant, stylish, and functional. They would look great in any room or office setting.

They’re all handmade, which means they're affordable and unique, and neurodivergent people design some.


Sterling Silver Dancing CZ Heart Snowflakes Pendant Necklace Fidget Necklace



Sterling Silver Rotating Snowflakes Pendant Necklace Fidget Necklace



Sterling Silver Rotating Peach Flower Necklace Fidget Necklace



Sterling Silver Rotatable Crystal Circular Pendant Necklace Fidget Necklace





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