Decorating with Trendolla jewelry has never been easier. From the beloved treasures of NATHANIEL to the impeccable feminine beauty of Mo's collection, our creations prove that Trendolla is more than just jewelry. We believe that everyone has a common personal style, and we celebrate this with our spontaneous and bold creations that are the perfect accessory to a classic white t-shirt or the finishing touch to your LBD. At Trendolla, we have an accessory box for every jewelry lover - whether you're looking for a pair of simple studs, or you want to pile everything we have together, our collection allows you to indulge your own style. Even better, all of our jewelry comes delicately packaged, making it the perfect jewelry gift for anyone who wants to enhance their everyday look, and you can even add a personalized gift note at checkout.

Starting with the iconic Trendolla plan celebrating our favorite coral, our jewelry has grown over time and now we have many collections, each with a strong and powerful message, which means our pieces not only look beautiful but also carry all the positive vibes and energy. We use high-quality sterling silver and 18ct gold plate to invent our beautiful jewelry plans, so you can choose to mix and match your handmade pieces in your favorite metal, or with some of our common stackable pieces. Jewelry is our passion, and we believe that decorating with Trendolla's creations doesn't just complete your look, it celebrates who you are and brings meaning to everyday tasks.