Join #WearingTrendolla

Comission Monthly

Join #WearingTrendolla

Comission Monthly

It’s your opportunity to earn cash and get huge exposure EACH MONTH.

We will select 3 TOP Winners who each receive $333 for a monthly total of $999.

You can participate and win as many times as you like.

How to enter:

Post your pictures or a 15+ second video, wearing your Trendolla jewelry, shout us out, show us love. Or Post a Picture with a caption about your Trendolla Jewelry.

To qualify:

You must @TRENDOLLA and #WearingTrendolla on your social media account

If you are the chosen one! 1,000,000 Monthly Marketing Impressions! Get Shouted Out to Millions!


1. 您可以加入任意多次,并且您可以自由地赢取所选择的次数。 

 2. 通过参与现金赠送活动,您被授予我们使用您的姓名、您是否赢得每月现金奖励的照片的权限。 

3. 即使您没有赢得现金奖励,您仍然会被选中在我们的社交媒体上发布。