Join #WearingTrendolla

Comission Monthly

Join #WearingTrendolla

Comission Monthly


我们将选出 3 名 TOP 获奖者,每人每月获得 333 美元,总计 999 美元。



发布您的照片或 15 秒以上的视频,佩戴您的 Trendolla 珠宝,向我们大声喊叫,向我们展示爱。 或者张贴一张带有关于您的 Trendolla 珠宝的标题的图片。


你必须 @TRENDOLLA#WearingTrendolla 在您的社交媒体帐户上

如果你是被选中的人!每月 1,000,000 次营销印象! 向数百万人大声喊叫!


1. You may join as many times as you’d like, and you are free to win as many times as selected. 

 2. By participating the cash giveaway activity, you are granted us the permission to use your name, pictures regarding of whether or not you win the monthly cash prizes. 

3. Even if you do not win the cash prizes, you are still be selected to be post in our social media.