Most parents have no problem piercing their baby’s ears, while for others it is an appalling practice.

You can't get an ear piercing without some pain, even for babies.

New research published in the journal Pediatrics found that babies' ears are too fragile to handle most traditional ear-piercing techniques.

In Latin American and Spanish culture, it is a custom for babies to get their ears pierced after they are born.

How can you get an ear piercing for your baby without causing any pain?

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Ear piercing for babies without pain

Many parents want their babies to get their ears pierced. It's the least painful and most comfortable option.

This is a common custom in Latin American countries and in Spain. In these countries, mothers pierce their babies’ ears to boost traditional values.

Sometimes parents use ear piercing as a form of gender identity since it's uncommon for little boys to have studs in their ears.

You can safely get your baby’s ears pierced if the doctor says your baby’s health is normal and up-to-par.

If you have a doctor who recommends other doctors for routine procedures, then they can be your best source of referrals for any medical care you need in the future.

Most health care professionals advise women to wait until their child is at least six months old before piercing their ears.

The act of piercing an ear pierces the skin, creating a potential for infection.

A baby’s immune system is still developing, so if your baby is about to get a piercing, you need to know that there are risks associated with getting a

The best time to wait until your child is old enough to decide for herself is at birth or earlier.


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How to get my baby’s ears pierced without pain

Baby’s ear piercing should be done by a professional. In the United States, there are many reputable, well-trained piercing technicians.

If your baby's skin is sensitive, you should visit your pediatrician or dermatologist first to use topical anesthetic cream, like lidocaine.

When you go to get your piercing, ask your doctor to prescribe topical anesthetic before you undergo the procedure. It contains lidocaine derivatives, which will help numb your earlobes.

Use this product before your ear piercing and it will prevent discomfort from piercing the ears during or after the procedure.

Using cold to numb your ears 15-30 minutes before the piercing is an effective way to reduce any discomfort.

If you are going to use ice you should wrap their ears with something, like plastic wrap or a similar substance, because of the discomfort it causes. These tips don't entirely remove the pain, but they do lessen it to a significant amount.

These methods have the same pain as an injection, but you won’t feel it right away. It can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your technique.


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Tips for getting your baby’s ears pierced without pain

1. Vaccinations

Babies have a much lower resistance to illness than older children and adults, and are prone to coming into contact with various diseases and germs.

A visit to a doctor to have your baby’s ears pierced is best made just before having her done, so you don't miss any of the shots.

The tetanus injections are the most crucial since your baby will come into contact with various metals during this procedure.


2. Get it done by a professional

Choosing where to get your baby’s ears pierced is of the utmost importance.

See your doctor about the best locations for baby piercings.

It's also essential to check their hygiene standards to ensure their products do not contain any potential contaminants.

There are many ways in which doctors can help protect the environment. For instance, doctors should always wash their hands before treating a patient, and always wear new gloves when handling medical instruments.

Proper sterilization of the piercing equipment is another essential consideration when it comes to body piercings.


3. Numb the earlobes

In preparing for a procedure, it's better to numb the area first. This will help make the procedure less painful.

The area should be numbed at least 45 minutes before getting the ear piercings done.

Ice that is wrapped in plastic is an ideal food container, so remember to wrap your ice properly with plastic wrap.

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4. Get the piercings at the same time

If it's possible, it's always better to have two qualified technicians work together at once, or even have more than two technicians working to make the procedure safe and easy

As a result, your child won’t have any time to react and fuss about the piercing since it will be completed before they wake up.

When doing ear piercings, make sure not to do more than one at a time.

A more painful process, but one which is quicker and requires fewer chances to mess up.

Choose stud earrings that will not get in the way of your child's movements.

Your baby's dangling ear, or eardrum, is fragile and delicate.

Hypoallergenic jewelry can help you avoid reactions to your jewelry, which will make your day more pleasant.

Many women prefer gold or stainless steel earrings, but white gold consists of plated metals, which may cause a skin reaction on your baby.


5. Post-piercing care

After getting piercings, ear infections can be a problem. Keep your child’s hands away from the piercings to avoid complications.

Wipe your child’s ears with surgical spirit on a piece of cotton, once or twice a day, and also clean his hands before putting his ears in his ears

After bathing, rinse the piercing with running water and pat it dry.

First, let them take off their shoes. Then, remove their pants one piece at a time and very gently, but not accidentally, touch her ears.

If you find an infected area, you should take your child to the doctor immediately.



Baby earrings are great because they help a child look sophisticated and trendy.

To get pierced in your ears is a very personal choice, so it’s important to ensure that you only get your ears pierced in a professional and hygienic facility.

Proper aftercare of the pierced ear will help in making the recovery of the piercing much less painful and faster.

If you follow these instructions to the latter and seek advice from other parents who have had their baby’s ears pierced without pain, you’ll achieve success.


August 30, 2022 — Chloe Guan

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