Moissanite Gems: A Rocky Discovery

This gemstone was discovered more than 120 years ago by Nobel Prize-winning French chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan.

Henri Moissan wanted to create new elements that would allow better control of electricity.

In the search, Dr. Moissan discovered silicon carbide, a remarkable and extremely rare mineral, in a meteorite crater in Arizona.

When it came time to name it after its discoverer, it became “Moissanite.” 

It was only in the late ‘90s that scientists–working in a research lab in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina–developed the innovative thermal growing process that created silicon carbide crystals.

These Moissanite stones are fashioned into high-luster gemstones that rival any natural gemstone for fire and brilliance.

These beautiful artificial gems have replaced all other popular gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. They are just as durable, and if used in jewelry, can give it an authentic look.


Moissanite Durability

One of the hardest gemstones in the world is moissanite, and it is second only to diamonds in its durability. It is an excellent option for daily wear because it is much harder than other gemstones. Moissanite is resistant to scratching and is highly resistant to breaking, which is why it is ranked 8.25 on the Mohs scale. Moissanite isn't easy to chip or cleave, meaning that it is incredibly tough. It can tolerate high temperatures and still have its sparkle.



Moissanite Jewelry

Moissanite is the best option for use in any type of jewelry, and it will suit a wide range of styles.

Moissanite can be chosen as either a minimalist or a maximalist design.

Moissanite is a fantastic alternative to diamonds. It's got a brilliant sparkle, and it is beautiful when you want.


What is the Best Moissanite Cut?

It's important that the moissanite you choose for your engagement ring is properly cut, as a properly cut moissanite will enhance the sparkle of the ring.

Moissanite is different from diamonds, so the stones must be cut differently.

The most popular gemstone shapes are round, princess, oval, marquise, and cushion cut gems.

This cut maximizes the fire of the stone, and is incredibly versatile to wear.

The most popular moissanite cuts are princess, marquise, pear, cushion, radiant and heart.

Cutting stones are also important when you're choosing moissanite. They determine the size, shape, color, and polish of your stone.


Choosing Moissanite Color

Most people have their eye on a certain color for their wedding band. When selecting your wedding band, think about which category you would prefer.

The colorless gems come at a premium and are more desirable.

Moissanite, like most gemstones, will often have a tinge of a particular color to the stone so it’s important to examine the stone carefully prior.


Moissanite Carat Size

Although it looks very similar to diamonds, Moissanite is much denser than diamonds, making it weigh more.

A diamond and moissanite of the same carat weight, appear to be of the same size.

When shopping for moissanite, you'll notice that some vendors choose carat weight while others prefer to measure moissanite by millimeters.


Moissanite Sparkle

Diamonds are the most beautiful gemstone, and Moissanite is one of the most brilliant.

This unique and gorgeous natural stone has what is called the ‘rainbow effect.’ It is fiery and colorful and is especially visible when the stone is viewed under natural light.

Moissanite is also highly transparent. It's the reason why moissanite is the most expensive natural gemstone, second only to diamonds in price.

Moissanite is often referred to as the next diamond. They have excellent luster and cut, but there isn’t a strong rainbow effect like is seen with diamonds.

This may be a problem for you, so we recommend that you buy the smallest stone you can.



Moissanite Clarity

Because moissanites are made in a lab, you can control the product a lot.

Even so, most moissanite tends to have some slight inclusions.

These are usually tiny threads that form during the stone’s creation process.

This kind of flaw may not be visible to the naked eye, but it can be detected by magnification and the stone may appear flawless.


Moissanite Price and Resale Value

Moissanite is often chosen as an alternative to diamonds. Don't expect it to be cubic zirconia or cheap.

While moissanite is a relatively affordable gemstone, good quality moissanite can still command pretty steep prices.

Moissanite is a highly polished, white gem that is often mistaken for diamond. In fact, moissanite is an artificial gem, created by a complex, time-consuming, energy-intensive process.

When you buy moissanite, it’s important to think of how you want to use the jewelry. Some people prefer to wear their jewelry only on special occasions. Others would wear it to work, a special date, or a romantic setting.

Moissanite is a man-made diamond, so the resale value cannot be accurately predicted at this stage.

For the average person, reselling moissanite will likely get you back about 50% of what you paid for it, which is similar for diamonds.


How to Clean Moissanite Jewelry

Due to its durability, moissanite is an easy-to-maintain stone.

Over time, dirt and grime build-up can make your stone look dull or cloudy.

Some people may claim that diamonds are better looking if they're not cleaned up before a big event, but in fact, washing them with a soft cloth, mild soap and water is the

Moissanite jewelry is very delicate and must be stored carefully. Make sure to keep it in a separate pouch or box.

This is to make sure that your jewelry item does not scratch the surface of the moissanite. This will allow for a longer lifespan for the moissanite.

This is similar to the effect of the anti-reflective coating of sunglasses on the eyes.

In general, you don’t want to use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your moissanite gemstone.

You can use an ultrasonic cleaner for your moissanite jewelry. However, the settings should be strong enough to withstand the intense vibrations of the cleaner.

Consider placing the item being cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner on the “shiny side” which is the side that comes into contact with the high-frequency ultrasonic waves.



Moissanite Engagement Rings

While moissanites are great in all types of jewelry, they are becoming popular as the center stone for engagement rings by many young couples. From a practical standpoint, moissanite are durable, affordable, beautiful, and ethical. They are also non-traditional and with so many couples seeking to be unique and get off the beaten path, moissanite offers just that.

Moissanite is suitable for any type of ring setting. They don’t require protection as they are durable enough, and can be set in delicate styles such as solitaire or tension settings.  Just like a diamond, they work with any metal color whether it is yellow, rose, or white gold.

While moissanite may seem traditional, they are in fact quite avant-garde and very modern, which is one of the reasons they are proving to be so appealing to modern couples.


Frequently Asked Questions


While moissanite is graded on the same color scale as diamonds, they are not given a single letter grade. They are typically graded according to a range of color: D-E-F (colorless), G-H-I (near-colorless) and J-K (faint color).


Natural moissanite originally comes from space—created by a meteorite that fell to Earth. This makes it one of the rarest natural minerals found in nature. This scarcity makes moissanite an especially precious stone, even though it can now be made in a laboratory.


With proper care, moissanite will not lose its sparkle over time. The color and clarity of the stone won't change through the years unless the gem is damaged in some way. Marring the surface of moissanite can damage the sparkle, as it would for virtually any gemstone.


No, moissanite is a unique gemstone with its own set of chemical and optical properties different from a diamond. Moissanite isn't a diamond either scientifically or chemically; the properties of moissanite display more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone.

I wouldn’t recommend buying jewelry without being able to determine its cut and color through the diamonds themselves.

Even with a very powerful loupe or microscope, you’ll have to know what to look for in order to tell the two apples apart.


It is very rare to naturally occur moissanite but they are made in controlled situations in the lab.


Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase moissanite:

  • It’s extremely affordable and will fit your budget.

  • This stone boasts a unique combination of fire, brilliance, and luster, which is not often found in other stones.

  • It’s highly reflective and has flashes of rainbow light.

  • This is a gem that comes in several colors, including yellow, pink, red, green, orange, brown, blue, and black

  • It's extremely durable, tough, and hard, so you know that it can become a family heirloom.

  • This is an ethical choice since it is made in a lab.

  • You can easily create a custom engagement ring that is suitable for your personality and style.

  • Some of these rings have a Charles & Colvard Warranty attached.


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