The problem is most of us just don't know how to look good while sleeping. That's where earrings come in handy.

Designed with push pin backing, these studs are comfortable enough to wear during sleep. That’s right, you can say goodbye to that irritating, poking sensation. 


How do you put flat back earrings in?

Trendolla Pave Lightning Ball Back Earrings in 14k Gold

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1. A brief history of earrings

Earrings, as far back as we can trace, were worn by the Egyptians in 1500 B.C. and used as a symbol of fertility by ancient Greeks. They were popular in the Middle Ages as women were not allowed to wear hats or caps. They made a comeback in the early 1900s with the arrival of jewelry designers like Harry Winston who created modern, high-end earring designs.

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2. Earrings vs. Nap earrings

I remember wearing my grandmother’s earrings as a little girl. They were gold hoops that sat high on my ears. I loved them and still do. But I don’t know how many hours I spent in the mirror trying to get them in just right. My grandmother had the same problem and she wore them for most of her life. She thought they made her look younger, more mature, and very stylish. But the fact was, her ears just weren’t big enough to wear them with pride.

So, what are nap earrings? Well, the term "nap" refers to the fact that they're super cute. But they're also super useful. They're basically the size of two regular earrings, and instead of dangling, they sit snugly in place on either side of the ear. They're available for both men and women. They don't cost much, and can even be customized.

Trendolla Classic Heart Nap Earrings

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This is one of those fun products that I hope will find an audience. It’s so simple and yet so effective. It’s just a pair of earrings with a giant nap in them. A little black dress or a cute top will look especially cute with these. It’s great for work events and weekend nights. 

The earrings have been designed to be worn during naps, for the ultimate rest and relaxation. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including a pendant with a keychain attached and a simple chain design. They are also available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. Each of the earrings has the company’s initials engraved inside the metal.

Trendolla Celestial Crystal Nap Earrings

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These are the little earrings that women wear when they are having a nap. I think they look cute and they are fun. They have these cute designs on them. Some of them are made out of wood, some of them are made out of plastic, and some are made out of gold. They also have these beads with them. They are very small and they are the kind of earrings that women wear when they are having a nap.

Trendolla Tiny Crystal Nap Earrings

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3. How to choose the right type of earring for you

The size and shape of your earlobe is something that you don’t want to be overlooked. An earring that doesn’t match your ear can quickly become sore, especially if your hair is long and the earrings are dangling. However, if you have small ears, the smaller the earring, the more likely it is to fall off and be lost in your hair. The earring that is best suited for you depends on what style you want to wear, what you plan on wearing with your earring, and your ear shape.

Trendolla Little Bar Nap Earrings

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4. What kind of earrings should you get?

There are many types of earrings available in the marketplace today. But if you're a casual shopper who enjoys trying new jewelry, the basic stud, hoop, and cuff styles are the ones that come up over and over again. You've probably tried at least a few pairs of each type; they're easy to pick up, simple to wear, and, in many cases, extremely versatile.

Trendolla Pave Moon Nap Earrings

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In conclusion, The Nap Earrings are all about bringing a little fun to your day. They are unique, chic, and comfortable. With the new patent pending technology, We want you to be the first to wear them. We hope you'll love them too. And if you do, please let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

The flat back stud, also called labret studs or flat disc studs, consists of a post, a charm at one end, and a flat back that screws into the post to hold the jewelry.


With flat back earrings you put the flat back earring on from the back of your ear, slide the post through your ear towards the front, then push the front part of the earring into the ear post to secure it.

Flat back earrings look good on most women. They create a cleaner, more modern look for your ears.


To remove an internally threaded stud, firmly hold the flatback post tightly in one hand, while unscrewing the 'top' to the left. Internally threaded barbells have two balls at each end. To remove, firmly hold the post tightly in one hand, while unscrewing one of the balls at either end to the left.


Why are nap earrings better?

Nap earrings protect your neck.

When you are wearing earrings, it's important to make sure that they are in the right place. If you wear earrings in the wrong place, it will hurt when you are sleeping. You should use nap earrings so that the earrings don't hurt you when you are sleeping. 


What is the safest earring back?

screw back

You'll find the most secure type of earring backs are screw backs.

An Earmuff is a small metal device that fits around your earlobe and consists of a post and a nut that

You can never pull it off. You have to fully unscrew it.


What is better push back or screw back earrings?

Screw backs are superior to push backs. They’re more stable, because screw backs are more secure.

Screw-on backs take a bit longer to put on than push-on backs, since you have to make sure you get each screw in just right.

It's important to be careful when screwing on a screw back, so you don't strip your earring posts.


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